WordPress Review Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WordPress Review Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Super fast and light weight review plugin.
Accomplishing what your rivals do not, getting that extra information to get ahead. This is exactly where we step in.
Vit Website Reviews lets your visitors rate and comment on your website. Those reviews can be found back in the admin panel so you know exactly what people think about your website, what they like, and what they like less.

Terms & Conditions

By downloading Vit Website Reviews you hereby acknowledge the following:

=> Our use of Third Party Software & data gathering

In order for our plugin to run optimally we allow 3rd party clients to use tiny bits of information.

  • Important notices *


As we respect the privacy of you and your website visitors we will not track/store any data that isn’t associated with your Freemius account.

Therefore we will NOT capture/share data which is concerning (ip adresses of plugin users & site visitors, average website traffic & other plugin related website statistics).

The data that we gather & share with these 3rd parties is solely focussed on visitors of the website that are linked to the user of this plugin.
We intend to use this data to ensure that certain plugin functions are able to run properly according to the features described on our website.

Therefore main users of this plugin will not be affected by this in any way, as this is only used to optimize plugin experience.

If you want to learn more about what kind of data we gather and which parties are involved, all of this information is described in the paragraph below.


Our plugin makes use of the optional setting “cookie based lock system”.

It is important to note however. That if a user of this plugin chooses to enable this option on their website,
that they disclose the fact that they are making use of cookies to their end-users if they haven’t done so already.

=> 3rd Party clients listed within our plugin:


Within our plugin we are making use of our own implemented API.
We use this API as an intermediate interconnection platform to manage communication with other services that are listed here in our list of 3rd party clients.

The main purpose of this API is to monitor Vincoit services to make sure our plugin is working correctly & accordingly to the services described in our website
as well as maintaining the security of our plugin services.

Therefore we collect data for various reasons, such as:

a) To protect us from unlawful use of our software or services.
We may collect data which are required to protect us from unlawful, or unauthorized use of our software or services, or which are
necessary to ensure security of our software or services.

b) To improve the software & services of our plugin

We use this data to better understand the usage patterns of our products and the behaviors of our collective audience.
The data we collect can then be applied optimize our plugin performance as well as functionality in future updates.

You can check out our privacy policy below:



In our plugin we are making use of the 3rd party API called IPstack.
We use this 3rd party API to track & store the country of the review poster’s origin.
When reviews are posted we temporarily store a nearby neighboring ip address of the sender.
IPstack will then use this ip address to pinpoint the exact country origin of where the review was posted from.
Afterwards our plugin will save the corresponding country & associate them with their corresponding flag.
The country’s name & corresponding flag are the only solid parts of information that will be saved within the plugin.
Therefore the ip addresses & location information of the related parties will never be stored away nor will it ever be publicly exposed in any part of our plugin.

You can check out IPstack and their terms & agreements below:



Vit Website Reviews WordPress plugin, Copyright 2019 WordPress.org

Licenses: GNU General Public Licenses v3 (GPL-3)
License source: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html
Source: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/licenses.en.html


This plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public Licenses.
For more information check this link: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html


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