WP-Hijri Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP-Hijri Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin allows to set Hijri, Gregorian or both dates on your site. so, using it’s easy and flexible, also contains widgets for add Calendar to sidebar, and another widget for show posts by Hijri date on sidebar also, and more features!


  • Replace dates for posts and pages to Hijri or both (Hijri and Gregorian) dates.
  • Custom formats for (Hijri and Gregorian) dates.
  • Force all dates for WordPress to return Hijri dates.
  • Edit and correction Hijri date to sync with Umm Al-Qura.
  • Use Hijri Date in URLs.
  • Custom languages for plugin and Hijri date.
  • Two types of algorithm : ( Um Al Qura algorithm and Tabular algorithm ).
  • Widget : Hijri Calendar.
  • Widget : Hijri Archives.


  • Arabic
  • English


  1. wp-hijri screenshot 1

    Settings Page.

  2. wp-hijri screenshot 2

    Test Hijri date.

  3. wp-hijri screenshot 3

    Custom widgets in sidebar for Hijri date.

  4. wp-hijri screenshot 4

    Test all widgets for Hijri date.

  5. wp-hijri screenshot 5

    Test for force all dates to return Hijri dates.

  6. wp-hijri screenshot 6

    Add all formats Hijri date to general settings.

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