WP Optin Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP Optin Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The easiest and beginner friendly opt in plugin to grow email subscribers list, sell more, collect more phone numbers, increase Facebook fan page likes and get more leads faster than ever.

Over 70% of the visitors find the site, stay for a while, leave and never return back. Generate an email list or collect phone numbers so you can get those users back by sending emails whenever you write an informative post, share ideas, promote products, deals offering and you know the rest 😉


  • Optin and subscribers – Increase subscribers and opt in conversions.
  • MailChimp integration – Integrate with MailChimp to add subscribers directly in your mailing list.
  • Phone calls – Display a prominent click to call button to get more calls for reservations, appointments, bookings and leads.
  • Offer bar – Promote special offers and holiday sales.
  • Announcements – Got something to announce? Display important updates, announcements and news at top of your site.
  • Social traffic – increase social traffic by displaying Facebook like button.
  • Customize – Fully customize colors, borders and button styles to match with your site look and feel with WordPress customizer in real time (yes, no more guessing).
  • Custom timer interval – Display bar when your visitors want to see.
  • Trigger immediately – Display bar as soon as the site is loaded.
  • Responsive – Fully responsive and compatible with mobile and all devices.
  • Manage accounts – ability to create multiple accounts to add subscribers separately. Good if you are handling multiple subscription accounts
  • Triggers – Set smart triggers for example display immediately or after some time to increase chance of email subscriptions
  • Personalize campaign – Personalize each field of the form, button, description, success and failure messages.
  • Integrates with MailChimp and ability to create multiple accounts to manage email subscribers in each brand and list separately.


WPOptin is the simplest, most beginner-friendly yet powerful plugin for WordPress to capture leads, subscribers, phone calls, sell more and increase social traffic with like button. By the same author of the most popular Easy Social Feed plugin with over 100,000+ active install and overall 5 star rating to add like box and display custom feed from Facebook and Instagram.

I have worked on this plugin for two years to make it beginner friendly and divided modules into goals so you can set goals and achieve those. Yes, I know it is yet not perfect but it’s an open source and any feedback, suggestions and contribution is more than welcome.

Thank you

Danish Ali Malik


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