WP Popup Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP Popup Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

WP Popup is a plugin for implementing whatever you want to call them — modals, lightboxes, overlays or popups — on your site. While it offers fine-tuned control over where and when the lightboxes display, it was developed with the goal of being simple and lightweight: WP Popup won’t cause your site to take a big performance hit by loading lots of complicated and extraneous CSS and JavaScript.

WP Popup lets you use the standard WordPress post editor to build and configure your popups. In addition to full WYSIWYG editing of popup content, WP Popup gives you powerful control over what triggers the appearance of your lightbox. Triggers can be set so popups show:

  • Immediately on page load
  • After a configurable number of seconds
  • After the page is scrolled a configurable number of pixels
  • After the page is scrolled halfway or to the bottom
  • After the user has spent a configurable number of minutes on the site
  • After the user has visited a configurable number of pages over the past 90 days

In addition to those sophisticated trigger controls, you also get options on each popup for:

  • Mask background color: Choose an appropriate color and opacity to set as the background of the mask that covers your site.
  • Background image: Make a richer, more visually engaging popup by using a photo or illustration that fills the inside of the popup.
  • Background color: Choose an appropriate color and opacity to set as the background of the popup.
  • Width control: Set a minimum and maximum width.
  • Height control: Set minimum and maximum values along with pixels or percentages.
  • Padding: Control the padding within your popup.
  • Border: Add a border of any color, width and radius.
  • Opacity: Adjust the opacity of the popup.
  • Where to display: Choose whether to display on your site’s homepage, on all pages, or on all pages except the homepage.
  • Scheduling: Configure whether users should see the popup just once, all the time, or periodically based on a schedule.
  • Mobile control: Avoid hits to your SEO by suppressing your popups from appearing on mobile devices!

  • Cookie identifier: Easily change how browsers know about this popup so you don’t have to save a whole new popup after fixing a typo if you want your updated popup to appear again.

Note: This plugin uses cookies, so if you’re bound by the EU or other regulations requiring you notify users of such, be sure to do so if you’ve got WP Popup enabled.

Note: This plugin disables Gutenberg as an editing option for all popups.

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