WP Post Block Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP Post Block Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A plugin to use your Posts on the Block Editor has arrived! WP Post Block allows you insert your posts into a Pages, Posts or any other Gutenberg ready Post Type. With its seamless integration into the native Block Editor UI, you can search through all your Posts and select the ones you really want to display! Just select a Post and it will shine between your content with all the information needed to your readers: from the Category and Post Title to the Publish Date and the number of Comments! Too much information? Do not stress! You can manage which native Post fields you want show in each Post Block, to highlight the best bits of information you Post can provide. WP Post Block even provides a Grid block so you can create your own responsive Post Grids with a nice optional title on top.

With WP Post Block you can enrich your website by inserting and customizing from one to many Posts.

Built with intuition in mind, WP Post Block is super user-friendly without lacking any flexibility on block creation, management and customization. Add you Posts using the Block Editor in less than a minute!


  • Post: perfectly used to create grids, tables or lists of Posts on a manually created landing Page, adding a related Post block embedded on another Post’s content. Displays a card’ish styled Post showing only the fields selected in the editor.
  • Headline: Highlights a Post containing a wide image, perfect for all you Page heading needs or to break your blog Post text with a striking banner.
  • Grid: The so-called versatile 4-column container block to hold all your Post blocks inside for a responsive experience. Layer your website by context creating rows of Posts with a title to go.


Block POST

  • Insert your Post in a block to create a Post Grid
  • Show / Hide the post Category
  • Show / Hide the post Author
  • Show / Hide the Publish Date
  • Show / Hide the number of comments on a Post
  • Show / Hide the post excerpt provided by WordPress
  • Default style: Post featured image with the information below
  • Text highlight style: Post featured image on the left, side-by-side with the information


  • Power up a Post Block to create an highlighted Post on your content. Use it to draw attention of your readers to a specific Post!
  • Adapts itself to the space where it is inserted for a seamless and full responsive design
  • Show / Hide the post Category
  • Show / Hide the post Author
  • Show / Hide the Publish Date
  • Show / Hide the number of comments on a Post
  • Show / Hide the post excerpt provided by WordPress
  • Optionally apply a text shadow effect if your feature image is too bright!

Block GRID

  • Create a Post Grid to display your Posts on responsive columns
  • Add an optional title to define its context
  • Combine multiple Grids to create beautiful landing pages without a Page Builder plugin!


  • The main search tool to give life to your Post blocks
  • Search through all your Posts by title or category
  • Previewing the Posts you want to choose includes the thumbnail, title and publish date
  • Click a search result to immediately update the Post Block currently selected or drag’n’drop to any other Post Block available!
  • Performant by heart, it uses the WP JSON API to retrieve the Posts with paginated results so your WordPress can scale to 500.00+ Posts!

Why use WP Post Block

  • Create remarkable landing and homepages by combining the provided blocks
  • Bulk up your existing homepage by having more options to display your Posts
  • Create manual section or complete pages of the Posts in the desired order
  • Enrich your existing Posts by embedding other Posts anywhere inside their content
  • Use it to leverage your clients WordPress needs and provide them the perfect tool for their Posts


Not a developer?

The use of this plugin requires no knowledge in programming and no code writing is necessary! Simply install it to start inserting Posts into your content!

Not a Guternberg fan?

Built using modern WordPress standards, and fully integrated into the Gutenberg Block Editor, WP Post Block gives a small yet solid reason to start using the new Block Editor!

Popular Theme compatibility

The plugin was heavilly tested on the top 10 most popular free WordPress themes available. Since no style overrides are imposed, it should gracefully adapt to your stylesheet. Theme developers have all classes available in the markup to completely change the display!

Page builders and other Editor Blocks

Since all WP Post Block does is to add new Blocks to the Block Editor, it should be compatible with every Page Builder you WordPress needs, as long as it supports Gutenberg!

Mobile responsive

This plugin is optimized to work properly on mobile devices!


Invisioned to work in WordPress instances with thousands of Posts, it was tested on wp_posts tables with millions of entries without any performance bottleneck! Works properly on Multisite networks as well!


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