WP Sheet Editor By VegaCorp Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP Sheet Editor By VegaCorp Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The best way to edit your WordPress posts and pages in bulk.

Awesome things that you can do with WP Sheet Editor

  • View all your posts and pages in a spreadsheet
  • Use a spreadsheet to manage your posts and pages in a single place
  • Create a lot of posts at once
  • Quickly edit the titles of your posts for SEO purposes
  • Quickly edit your posts and pages content
  • Copy information from one post to other posts easily
  • Edit the excerpts of your posts and pages one after another
  • Among other things…

WP Sheet Editor is perfect for you if…

  • You are tired of opening several pages to edit your posts
  • You are tired of wasting time waiting for each post editor to load and save
  • You are tired of going back and forth when creating posts
  • You want to create and update posts in a single place
  • You want a tool to manage your posts and pages efficiently
  • You need to add and update the featured images of several posts


  • Spreadsheet where you can edit all the information of your posts and pages, including post title, post content, post status, post excerpt, featured image, publish date, comment status, page parent, post categories, and post tags.
  • You can navigate through the spreadsheet with your keyboard , like you do in excel
  • You can order the spreadsheet by any column.
  • You can edit hundreds of posts without reloading the page
  • It works on shared hosting (you can adjust the server consumption on the options page)
  • Developers can add custom columns to the spreadsheet using actions and filters (among other things).
  • VISUAL COMPOSER integration. Open the live or backend editor right on the spreadsheet.

Extensions available

=== WooCommerce:

Manage all your products using the spreadsheet, including sale price, regular price, gallery, short description, stock status, stock quantity, featured image, visibility, is virtual, is downloadable, attributes, categories, tags, sale price dates (to and from), purchase notes, enable reviews.

=== Replace formula:

Apply changes to all your posts at once with just a few clicks.

You can do a lot of things, like:

  • Replace words or phrases
  • Add message at the end of your posts
  • Change posts status
  • Add a message above or below all the images.
  • Add shortcodes at the beginning or ending of all the posts in a specific category
  • Change all references to old prices in your posts
  • Etc.

=== Math formula:

Execute math operations to update post fields in specific categories or all your posts at once.

For example:

  • Increase all products prices by a 10%
  • Increase / decrease your products stock.

=== Advanced Custom Fields integration

Edit your metaboxes in the spreadsheet or add custom columns to edit other plugin´s fields.

=== Copy information between posts in bulk

Do you need to set the same categories to 20 posts? Instead of adding every category manually, just drag one cell and paste it into the 20 cells below. Yes, it´s that easy.

You can copy titles, excerpts, post dates, categories, tags, etc.


  1. wp-sheet-editor-bulk-spreadsheet-editor-for-posts-and-pages screenshot 1

    spreadsheet editor

  2. wp-sheet-editor-bulk-spreadsheet-editor-for-posts-and-pages screenshot 2

    settings page

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