WP Spark Menu Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP Spark Menu Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Spark is a one-of-a-kind menu plugin for WordPress. It may appear tiny and modest at first glance, its uses however can be many and varied. Spark is also delightfully animated, which makes it an instatly-memorable element to add to any WordPress website.

See a live demo here

  • Use as your standard menu, a secondary menu, a nifty mobile-only menu, or even utilize as a promotional tool.
  • Build a multi-level accordion menu
  • Display everywhere or on specified resolutions only
  • Customize all colors
  • Position left or right of screen and fine-tune positioning
  • Fixed/absolute positioning
  • Add your Gravatar or upload an image
  • Change font/icon sizes, add theme fonts
  • Customization can be done quickly and in real-time via the WordPress Live Customizer.
  • Also included is a full-screen info pane that can be used to display any extra content you might need. Use for your profile, highlight a special offer etc. The info pane allows you to enter text, images, videos etc., and can be opened from any link, meaning you can link to it from the Spark menu and/or any other link on your website, greatly extending its uses.


  1. wp-spark screenshot 1

    Menu opened (default appearance)

  2. wp-spark screenshot 2

    Menu closed (default appearance)

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