WP Table Pixie Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WP Table Pixie Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

See what’s really in your settings and metadata, even serialized and base64 encoded values.

  • List, sort and search settings and metadata records
  • “Rich view” of serialized and JSON string values
  • Works with base64 encoded serialized and JSON string values
  • Highlights broken serialized values
  • Supports Multisites

Inspect Your Site’s Settings and Metadata

With WP Table Pixie you can find out what is really going on with your WordPress settings and metadata.

Your settings and metadata tables hold nearly all the settings that govern how your WordPress site looks and works, and if things aren’t working quite as expected it’s good to be able to peak into these records right in your site’s admin dashboard.

Broken Serialized Values

WP Table Pixie highlights broken serialized values, showing you exactly where that string buried deep in a setting and supposed to be 128 characters long is actually only 127, something that is otherwise very hard to spot.

Rich View

The Rich View takes those long unwieldy strings of serialized or JSON data and turns them into neat expandable lists of key/value pairs, much easier to read and understand.

Decodes Base64 Encoded Values

Also with Rich View you can drill into those otherwise opaque base64 encoded values, WP Table Pixie decodes them to show you the serialized data, JSON string or object hidden within.

Multisite Support

When installed on a WordPress Multisite it can be activated at the network level, with a site selector shown above the list of records to enable switching between the settings and metadata tables for each subsite, with the global sitemeta and usermeta tables also made available.

WP Table Pixie can also be activated at the subsite level where admins can view that site’s settings and metadata tables, but not the global network tables.

Search & Sort

The usual search and sort functionality you expect from an admin page are there to help you find the records you need, including filter links to switch between seeing all options or sitemeta records, their permanent records only or transient only.


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    List View.

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    Multisites Supported.

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