WPImager Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WPImager Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

WPImager is an image editor that lets you create all kinds of images like the logo and cover banner for this plugin shown above.
The logo and cover were made with WPImager using circular text, gradient background, gradient text and a screenshot of the editor.

In order to create reasonably good visual content, the editor also comes with the following features.

Key Features

*Layers (hide, lock, sort)
*500+ Fontawesome Icons
*700+ Google Fonts
*Material Design Color palette
*Circular Text
*Curved Text
*Stroke, Shadow, Fill
*Draw Custom Shapes, Lines and Polygons
*Upload Images
*Crop, Resize, Rotate
*Set Transparency
*Blur Image
*Gradient, Radial, Stripe Fill
*Container Shapes
*Undo Redo
*Print Screen to editor
*Download editor image to PC

A notable feature of WPImager is the ability it gives to users to share canvas. Share your canvas by simply exporting it to a zip file and passing it to others.

We have prepared a sample canvas to share with you.

Goto https://wpimager.com/sample-canvas/ and download the canvas and import it to WPImager installed on your WordPress blog.

Note the rocket in the sample, made by drawing a combination of custom shapes.

** Coming soon **

*An add-on to turn the images in the editor into sliders.
*An add-on to combine the images into GIF files.

To get a better understanding of this plugin, visit https://wpimager.com/

Documentation is also available at https://wpimager.com/doc/


  1. WPImager Image Editor

    WPImager Image Editor

  2. Curved and Circular Text

    Curved and Circular Text

  3. 700+ Google Fonts

    700+ Google Fonts

  4. 500+ Fontawesome Icons

    500+ Fontawesome Icons

  5. Draw custom shapes

    Draw custom shapes

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