WPMA – Mobile App Transformer Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WPMA – Mobile App Transformer Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

WPMA – Mobile App Transformer

Turn your WordPress website to the mobile app in just one click without coding or paying thousands to Android and iOS app.

With the new technology and innovative approach, your customer will experience your WordPress website just like native mobile apps.

WPMA – Mobile App Transformer demo

  • Online demo: https://demo.wpmobiapp.com/
  • Onlne documentation: https://docx.wpmobiapp.com/
  • WPMA Community: https://forum.wpmobiapp.com/



Instead of loading the optional components or information as responsive do, we only load what needs to be done. That’s it!

Super Fast, I mean, Incredible Fast

The faster website, the higher revenue and lower bounce rate – exit rate.

Your customer will tend to leave your site if they have to wait for more than 3s.

With WPMA – WordPress Mobile App, your visitor/customer will see the app mostly immediately when they access the site.

With the mobile-first approach, you even can access and use the app while you’re on slow 3G or poor network connectivity.

WordPress App installation banner

Prompt the app installation banner when the user visits your site regularly enough. That means you can have your user install the app version right on your site, without going to the App store or Google Play.

What is the different?

It means you can engage and drive your customer to install and use the app right on your website, no redirect or leave the site.

We will use your current website visitor/customer to promote and install the app. We will not go to spending money on marketing to get app users.

Offline Mode a.k.a Accessible without network

Imagine your visitor can read your blog posts while they’re offline. How cool?

With WPMA, your visitor can read the blog post anywhere, anytime, without the active network.

For more information, please read the real cases at WPMA – WordPress App Transformer official page

Save For Later

Provide the ability to save the article or products on your app to read later, even we don’t have the active network.

e-Commerce ready

WPMA is designed to maximize the compatibility with the other plugins, such as WooCommerce.

Splash page

Show off your brand when the user uses the app with the splash page. You can customize the logo, app background by the customizer.

The limitation

To keep the plugin features stability and have top-notch experiences, we have to sacrifice some other features, so, here’s the limitation of the plugin.

  1. Only work fine and adequately on Android Devices (iOS will be updated soon)
  2. You will have to follow the app protocol, some of the pages that you use page builder or the customization of the settings – will not be supported. The app is designed as flexible as possible but still have its limitation. So, don’t be panic if your current page is not usable
  3. WooCommerce only available when the app designer makes it, and it will not come along with WPMA core.
  4. With the different template, you will have the additional settings tied to that template, WPMA only provides the core settings and customizations only.


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