WPPayForm – WordPress Payments Made Simple With Powerful Form Builder And Stripe Payment Method Integration - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WPPayForm – WordPress Payments Made Simple With Powerful Form Builder And Stripe Payment Method Integration Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

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Do You want to accept payment along with input data in WordPress? Then WP Payment Form is the perfect plugin for you.

With Stripe checkout and built-in form builders, you can build any forms ranging from single payment amount/multiple payment items. Or, you can allow users to pay custom amount.

Building a payment form has never been easier and with stripe integration, you can accept payment on form submission.

With easy to use form builder, customers can pay you in less than a minute without going to another page.

Payment Fields

  • Single Payment Amount
  • Multiple choice payment items as Radio Option
  • Multiple choice payment items as Select Option
  • Checkbox payment items where users can check which items they want to pay
  • Donation / User inputted payment
  • Quantity Field for any payment item field

Stripe Checkout Fields

  • Stripe checkout.js popup option
  • Stripe Elements Checkout option with securely embedded feature

General Input Fields

  • Customer Email
  • Customer Name
  • Single Line text
  • Textarea Field
  • Number Field
  • Select Field
  • Radio Field
  • Checkbox Field
  • Date Field
  • Hidden Field
  • Custom HTML Markup

Currency Settings

This plugin supports 135+ currencies (same as stripe). So you can accept any currency type you want. Each form can have their own currency type. For example, in Form A you can accept USD, and in Form B you can accept Euro.

Design Settings

You can customize your form design styles from a wide range of design settings including label position, submit button position, form labels and styling for input fields. The form will look great in any themes.

Submission Management

With built-in submission management system, you can see the total view of your submissions, which payments are failed and which are paid. You can filter by status and form.

In individual submission page, you can see the complete data, order items as payment table, payment, and activity. You can also change the payment status easily. The submissions can have their own notes too.

Documentation and User Guide

=Getting Started with WPPayForm=

Form Configuration

Managing Form Entries

WPPayform Pro Features

  • Accept payment using PayPal too
  • Let your users choose from the available payment method
  • Form scheduling
  • Restricted form submissions based on entries count by payment statuses
  • Build an event registration form with payments

Upcoming Features (Currently on Development)

  • Payment Receipt Page (DONE)
  • Submission Activity and custom notes (DONE)
  • Accept subscription Payments
  • Email Notifications
  • Send bulk emails to the submitters and filter by payment statuses
  • Export Data as CSV/Excel/PDF

This plugin is a very planned project, and we have a long term development plan for this. We already invested around 200 human working hours (+coffees) on it, and we have the intention to spend much more on it. Please let us know what features you want, and we are happy to add that in our development sprint.


  1. Form Builder and Showing how it works

    Form Builder and Showing how it works

  2. Form Builder

    Form Builder

  3. Stripe Payment Popup with Custom Form Fields

    Stripe Payment Popup with Custom Form Fields

  4. Payment Receipt

    Payment Receipt

  5. View All Forms Index

    View All Forms Index

  6. View Submissions

    View Submissions

  7. View Single Submission

    View Single Submission

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