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XcooBee Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

XcooBee is a privacy-focused data exchange network with a mission to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike.

XcooBee offers a number of plugins and add-ons for users to pick and choose the tools they need to improve the privacy and GDPR compliance.

XcooBee for WordPress establishes connection to the XcooBee network and allows website running WordPress to securely message users via their XcooBee accounts. This is helpful in cases where increased security and privacy is needed especially around password recovery.

XcooBee for WordPress is created to help WordPress site owners manage other XcooBee add-ons as well. So there is only one part to configure for connectivity.

In particular it will allow you to:

  • use your XcooBee Id as alternative to email for login
  • send highly secure password recovery notices
  • configure your XcooBee connection endpoint
  • configure your XcooBee credentials

XcooBee for WordPress is our common plugin that you need to use our other XcooBee WordPress add-ons. To get the most of the plugins and add-ons we recommend you obtain an API key. This can be obtained freely on the XcooBee network by upgrading to a developer account.

What is XcooBee?

XcooBee is a privacy-focused data exchange network with a mission to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike. We make it easier for businesses to address compliance issues while making it safer for individuals to exchange their data.

To that end we offer a collection of tools for WordPress sites to plugin to enhance the privacy stance of their sites.

Why XcooBee?

The battle over privacy will be the new frontier in security.

People should have the power to decide what happens to their data and how it is shared. They should benefit from its exchange if they so choose. They should be empowered to make those decisions. In short they should have agency over their data.

This is not only a good vision, but with the advent of the GDPR many processes need better support.

Small and medium businesses do not have time to make tools or manage complex software. XcooBee aims to simplify this and make powerful tools available to WordPress sites as well as their customers. Most of these are available for free of cost.

How XcooBee works?

We at XcooBee believe that privacy is not static and not the same for everybody.

We deliver tools, services, and techniques to allow individuals to control the exchange, distribution and management of their own information while allowing businesses fair use and compliance.

Tools we provide remove the complexity of compliance with GDPR when using WordPress while improving the convenience and trust of the end-customers. A paid subscription to XcooBee is optional but recommended if you wish to use all the features.

Built with developers in mind

We support XcooBee and all its add-ons with comprehensive, easily-accessible documentation. With our docs, you’ll learn how to easily use and even extend our plugin.


WordPress.org is home to some amazing extensions for this plugin, including:


  1. The XcooBee settings panel.

    The XcooBee settings panel.

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