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XcooBee Form Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Since the inception of the GDPR website owners have had the same problem. How do we ask our users for their data in a privacy compliant way and how do we manage this data and their consent over life?

The answer to this is the XcooBee Form plugin for Data Consent. It allows you to ask for data and record consent automatically. You receive consent for every data point and its specific use.

XcooBee Forms are highly secure forms that you can use instead of or alongside your regular WordPress forms. Users interacting with secure forms also give you specific consent you need to be compliant and you or your company can manage consent via the XcooBee Privacy Network.

It is that simple.


  1. You create a XcooBee campaign that defines the data you wish to Collect.
  2. You create a short-code in the settings area
  3. You can copy and paste your campaign shortcode anywhere inside your WordPress site blogs, pages, and posts.

The shortcode inserts a button wherever you paste it on your page, including next to similar submit form buttons.
Once clicked a XcooBee consent dialog is triggered. This behaves similar to PayPal window. Rather than asking for your PayPal payment it will ask for the information your sites needs from the user including the permission to use the data for the purposes you identified.

You site, then, receives the fully encrypted data package to use in the application.

The Power Of XcooBee Supported Data Consent

Once users use XcooBee to send you data your site will have a few advantages:

Hardened against Phishing

The XcooBee Data Consent pattern is hardened against phishing scams. Users are presented with unified language and information including security images that identify to them that the request is genuine.

Transport and Storage Encryption

XcooBee guarantees that all communication, storage, and transfer is over encrypted channels only. There is no user data that lives or transits through XcooBee without encryption.

Fast Completion

XcooBee allows users of the plugin to quickly fill in many data points. With one button click a user can answer the overall request. This lowers friction and speeds up transaction as well as lowering error rates.

Sensitive Data Aware

XcooBee never stores sensitive data such as financial and health information directly on its servers. Users are always asked to provide it from their devices or through re-entry.

Bypass insecure Wifi

Once the user has interacted with the XcooBee consent window, the data is prepared for transmission to your WordPress or processing site directly as identified in your campaign setup by the XcooBee backend. This transmission is from the XcooBee servers to your backend bypassing local wifi and insecure hotspots.

Audience of One

The user data is prepared via client and customer side PGP signatures to be only legible to the end destination, namely you. So even the XcooBee Network is not able to read the contents. The XcooBee Data Consent Plugin will automatically and transparently handle the decryption for your WordPress site before making data available.

Detect man-in-the-middle attacks

XcooBee event transmissions that have user data automatically include HMAC digital signatures that allow the receiving WordPress site to detect whether the data was modified in transport. The XcooBee Data Consent Plugin automatically decodes and evaluates all signatures and informs your WordPress site about trouble.

The XcooBee Data Consent Plug-in is an Add-on. It requires the XcooBee For WordPress plugin to work correctly. You will need to install it first.


  • Users will need to have at least a free XcooBee account
  • Your will need a XcooBee Professional or higher subscription, you can test with a free Developer subscription

Why XcooBee?

The battle over privacy will be the new frontier in security.

People should have the power to decide what happens to their data and how it is shared. Business need to have fair use to deliver the goods and services. XcooBee’s mission is to provide tools to accomplish this.

This is not only a good vision, but with the advent of the GDPR, a new business requirement.

Small and medium businesses do not have time to make tools or manage complex software. XcooBee aims to simplify this and make powerful tools available to WordPress sites as well as their customers. Most of these are available for free.

How XcooBee works?

We at XcooBee believe that privacy is not static and not the same for everybody.

We deliver tools, services, and techniques to allow individuals to control the exchange, distribution and management of their own information while allowing businesses fair use and compliance.

Tools we provide remove the complexity of compliance with GDPR when using WordPress. All this while improving the convenience and trust of the end-customers. A paid subscription to XcooBee is optional but recommended if you wish to use all the features.

Built with developers in mind

We support XcooBee and all its add-ons with comprehensive, easily-accessible documentation. With our docs, you’ll learn how to easily use and even extend our plugin.


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