Avasize Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Avasize Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

[https://www.avasize.com/ Avasize] is proposing an innovating and efficient shopping experience for your customers.
The ”’Avasize Sizing Tool”’ is allowing online shoppers to buy clothes/shoes for themselves or a relative using the right size the first time, every time, without any effort.

The plugin itself is replacing the usual size selector from the merchant site by a selector of persons liable to receive the item. This extension is also reporting to the Avasize ecosystem the finalization of an order initiated via Avasize.

The user website is therefore not suffering any disruption but is rather becoming more effective as the customer is eventually emancipated from this painful choice of the right size.

Terms & Conditions

The Avasize plugin is delegating its business logic to the Avasize server located in France thus exchanging data while computing a user size for a given item accordingly.

This is performed according to the privacy rules in force in EU, as described in the [https://www.avasize.com/tos#3_Privacy_Policy privacy policy description of our service].

Account & Pricing

The full usage of this plugin requires a separated registration as an Avasize partner [https://www.avasize.com/partner-program in the dedicated partner registration site].

The partner will need to list the various type of clothes impacted and their related size guides accordingly.

The partner will receive a Partner ID to be used while installing the extension.

The service is charged based on the usage made of it.


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