CryptocurrencyCheckout Woocommerce Gateway Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

CryptocurrencyCheckout Woocommerce Gateway Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Requires WooCommerce 2.1+

This Plugin Connects your WooCommerce Store to the CryptocurrencyCheckout Payment Gateway so you can start accepting Cryptocurrencies on your WordPress Store for free.

You can start accetping Cryptocurrencies like: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, SocialSend CryptoDezireCoin, PirateChain and more all without being charged any middleman fees.

Why use CryptocurrencyCheckout?

  • We strive to make accepting Cryptocurrencies as easy as possible, all of our integrations offer copy and paste setup with step by step installation guides.
  • CryptocurrencyCheckout allows direct Peer to Peer decentralized transactions directly from the Customers Wallet to the Stores Wallet with No Middleman ever in control of your cryptocurrency.
  • Our Platform allows stores to use any wallet of their choosing, including Desktop wallets, Mobile Wallets, and Cold/Hardware Wallets.
  • We provide your customer with a smooth and streamline checkout process, letting them choose between multiple cryptocurrencies, and multiple ways to play including 1-Click Wallet Payments, QR Codes for Mobile Devices, and Manual Entry for Exchange and Webwallet support.
  • The only information your store passes to our platform is Order Grand Total, and the Order Number. We will automatically convert the order total to real-time Cryptocurrency Market Prices, and give your customers fast and simple ways to pay.
  • CryptocurrencyCheckout offers unique features like Market Volatility Protection Tools, as well as additional Price Markups, and Discounts to Accept Individual Cryptocurrencies. (More on this later.)

Market Volatility Protection Tools:

  • Our Volatility Protection Tools helps stores reduce the risk of Accepting Cryptocurrencies, by constantly monitoring the Cryptocurrency Markets.
  • Watching for things like Real-Time Market Prices, Large Price Movements/Fluctuations, and current Market Buy and Sell Volume.
  • When enabled this feature will automatically Enable/Disable Cryptocurrency Payment Options for your Customers, as your stores set Cryptocurrency Thresholds are hit.

For instance if you set the Maximum Price Fluctuation settings to disable an individual cryptocurrency payment option if the price goes down more then 1-2%, our platform will automatically disable this cryptocurrency for your customers, asking them to either choose another cryptocurrency to pay with, or pay once price is more stable.
Similarly you can enable the Daily Volume feature where the platform will only enable an individual Cryptocurrency Payment option if the total amount transacted on exchanges that day exceeds your set threshold. This feature is great for automatically disabling cryptocurrencies that might have very little buyer interest at the moment, making it hard to cash out.

Individually set Price Markups and Discounts:

  • When enabled our Markup/Discount feature will allow you to select the option to charge slightly more or offer a small discount for accepting specific cryptocurrencies.
  • For instance you could offer a 1% discount if your customer pays in Bitcoin, but charge a 1% price markup if they want to pay in Litecoin.
  • This feature is especially useful when accepting very low market cap cryptocurrencies, that might be very volatile and therefore more risky to take as payment.
  • An additional markup could help any additional fees or risks involved when accepting certain cryptocurrencies like these.

When this feature is combined with our Market Volatility Protection Tools, you can see how easily you will be able to weigh and adjust your risks of accepting individual Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins.
Allowing you to more comfortably accept Cryptocurrencies that you might not otherwise, and accepting more cryptocurrencies will expose your business to larger audiences, therefore increasing your potential customer base.


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