DyaPress E-Commerce Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

DyaPress E-Commerce Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin interfaces with DyaPress Premium Microservice, which is currently allowing connection to the following ERP :

  • DyaPress : DyaPress ERP/CRM is a WordPress plugin port of the open-source existing CRM/ERP software Dolibarr(tm), connexion is made using REST API.

  • Dolibarr : Dolibarr(tm) is a powerfull CRM/ERP software translated to over 82 languages, connexion is made using REST API.

It is not necessary to install DyaPress or Dolibarr on the same host as DyaPress e-Commerce.

This plugin has been designed for selling services online, accept payment with Stripe and features a “My account” page for your customers with a verified email.

This plugin is used on the officiel DyaPress(tm) website.

This plugin has been designed to be lightweight but strongly configurable for developers.

Designed for several sales channels

DyaPress e-Commerce only works when connected to an ERP, so the invoices and proposals available in the “My account” page of your website are only generated from your ERP. There are no doublons of invoices for example.

You can setup multiple DyaPress e-Commerce website all connected to the same ERP for enabling multishop features. Theses shop are completely independant.

You can furthermore use other tools connected to your ERP, especially for physical stores.

Detailed main features

  • Live and test mode linked to Stripe live and test mode, in test mode only adminstrators can purchase products or register to your website. Furthermore you can associate a live ERP and a test ERP as well, so in test mode there are no risks of garbage orders in your production ERP.

  • Backoffice detailed views of orders including direct link to downloadable PDF of orders and invoices which are only generated by the ERP.

  • Shortcodes for register form on your website including email verification, and for register form including selling of products (somewhat a One Page Checkout form).

  • Customer account are only created after they have been validated, password are asked only after email verification.

  • Stripe integration including OAuth and manual capture.

  • Easy integration for developer for processing services : an action hook can be used to automatically process an order and capture payment.

Upcoming main features

The next releases of DyaPress will implement the following main features, which are needed by our own customers :

  • More classical cart behaviour with Products post on your website.

  • Integration with French DPD distribution choice of delivering addresses

  • Generation of delivery document in the ERP and automatic association of products from warehouse to an order, including management of product batch.


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