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Each Domain A Page Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Easily manage a large number of one-page websites from a single WordPress site.

This plugin is intended as an easy way to map different domains to different pages from your WordPress site. That way you can easily maintain a large number of one-page sites from a single WordPress installation.

You don’t have to set anything up, it works out of the box.

Just point a domain that you own to your WordPress installation. In WordPress, create a page for that domain. The slug should be the domain name without ‘www’ and with the .’s replaced by hyphens.

You can see it working on my own domain: joerivanveen.eu, which shows a special page with slug ‘joerivanveen-eu’ on my joerivanveen.com blog.


  1. the rest of your website keeps working as always

  2. you can easily reuse and maintain elements like forms on several domains at once

  3. bring in more traffic using multiple domains without hassle


  • the one-page sites all look quite similar to your main site, if you want more flexibility (and more work) there is WordPress Multisite

  • some themes use webfonts, for them to work a couple of rows are added to your .htaccess, these are clearly marked #ruigehond007 (this is my seventh plugin)

  • currently you find two modes of operation in the settings, but that is more for testing / developing, ‘redirect’ will most likely dissapear in a future version

  • if your blog is in a subfolder of the main site (e.g. my-site.com/blog) you need to take an extra step for this to work, see installation

I put special care in making the plugin very lighweight, you will notice it has virtually no effect on the speed of your installation.

Feel free to fork it on Github, if you want to play with the code

Joeri (ruige hond)


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