Easy Age Verify Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Easy Age Verify Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A simple, elegant solution to age restricting adult, vape, and alcohol content. Get up and running in minutes with minimal plugin configuration. We built-in turnkey features to take the guesswork out of website age verification. These include an editable legal disclaimer for each industry and age prompt text with simple Yes/No buttons. It works on eCommerce sites such as WooCommerce shopping carts, sexual wellness product catalogs, adult novelty shops, vape shops, wine and beer. View a live demo to see the pop-up in action.

Adult Novelty Demo | Vape Shop Demo | Craft Beer Demo

Adult Novelty Premium Demo | Vape Shop Premium Demo | Craft Beer Premium Demo

This plugin is forever free. Upgrade to our Premium Version to enhance the user experience, brand it to make it your own, and receive technical support. Developed and supported in the United States by 5 Star Plugins.


Free Features:
* Light, fast loading, mobile responsive, ADA compliant design.
* Fullscreen modal window initiates on page load restricting the entire website.
* Opaque black background fully blocks view with scrolling disabled.
* Pop-up window cannot be blocked by browsers.
* Asks users to self verify they are of legal age with Yes/No buttons.
* Turnkey configuration includes prewritten age prompt text, button labels, legal disclaimer, and error messages.
* Choose an individual configuration with standard industry language for vape, alcohol, and adult content warning.
* Age prompt and legal disclaimer text are editable.
* Verify any legal smoking age in any location the visitor resides.
* Verify any legal drinking age by editing the text for your location/country.
* Session cookie prevents the pop-up from repeating after a visitor is verified.
* Can omit logged in users so pop-up does not show to website managers and members.
* SEO friendly; does not block Google or other crawlers.
* Free WordPress Forum support and plugin updates.

Premium Version Features:

Enjoy a 14-day free trial. Look for our introductory offer code in your dashboard after download for 20% off.

  • Enhance your user experience, design and branding.
  • Add your logo or image.
  • Add a headline and block of text.
  • Edit button colors.
  • Customize background color and adjust transparency.
  • Enable return visitor cookies with a “remember me” checkbox.
  • Premium Tech Support for individualized troubleshooting and Knowledge Base access.
  • Premium plugin updates with new features, fixes and security patches.

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Disclaimer: While we do our best to provide age verification using the widely used web standards, 5 Star Plugins cannot guarantee legal compliance for any user, business or website. 5 Star Plugins is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice. Please review your local laws and consult a lawyer specific to your business for information to ensure this plugin meets your needs.


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