EuropaFM News Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

EuropaFM News Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin will help you display a news feed from EuropaFM, a Romanian music radio station. You can choose from the various news categories available.

A default CSS stylesheet is provided, but you can turn all styles off and use your own styling to match your website. No javascript is loaded, so there is very little chance of conflict with other plugins or your main template.

News articles are retrieved on page load (no AJAX for now) from the official EuropaFM website ( via RSS feed.

You can place the module anywhere on your website using the included widget and the shortcode ‘[efm-feeds]’.

Parameters for the widget are as follows:
* title
* title-container (div,h1,h2,h3 or h4)
* source (stiri, stiri-interne, stiri-locale, stiri-externe, stiri-din-muzica, life, sport, trafic)
* limit (0 to 10)
* hide-date (1 to hide the date)
* hide-excerpt (1 to hide the excerpt)
* hide-credits (1 to hide the credits)
* hide-images (1 to hide the images)
* use-css (0 to disable the default CSS styles – if you want to write your own style)
* style (‘default’ or ‘red’ – the two included graphic styles for the widget)
* font-size (font size in pixels)
* excerpt-length (lenth of the excerpt in number of letters)
To use parameters with the shortcode follow the typical pattern for shortcodes: [efm-news title=”News Widget” source=”stiri-interne” limit=”10″ hide-date=”1″ style=”red”]

All code is provided under the MIT license, you’re free to re-use re-write it. Please provide a link to the original plugin if it helped you.


  1. Plugin settings page

    Plugin settings page

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