FreeDAM Web Notices Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

FreeDAM Web Notices Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Retrieves your web/funeral notices from your FreeDAM database for displaying on your website. Create notices in the FreeDAM software to be “published” to the web, which are picked up by our service and displayed on your WordPress site by this plugin.

Enter your API Key linked to your specific database to authorize yourself against our service (API). Customize the layout & style of the notices. Pick how many web notices to display on a page and set restrictions on which notices display based on the funeral date.

Notices are paginated, giving the ability to move through the notices via next & previous buttons.


Some level of HTML and CSS knowledge is expected to customize the layout and appearance of the notices.

Third-Party Service Usage

This plugin makes requests to a third-party service (Freedom Software API). It uses the service to retrieve your FreeDAM web-notices from your FreeDAM database.

This service (and by extension, the plugin) is intended for use by Freedom Software clients only and would not be of use to anyone that doesn’t have a FreeDAM database.

The third-party service’s address is and will be making use of the web-notices endpoint via “”.

For information on the endpoint itself visit:

For information on our terms of service / terms of use:

For enquires about usage of the third-party service or obtaining an API Key to gain access to the service, please contact Freedom Software via:
* Email:
* Website:


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