GD Player For MP4 & Google Drive Videos – Openload & JWPlayer Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

GD Player For MP4 & Google Drive Videos – Openload & JWPlayer Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

GD Player Allows You To Play And Embed Videos With Subtitles, Self-Hosted, MP4, OGG, WebM And YouTube. In Your Post Or Page Using Shortcodes. With (GD Player Pro) You Can Play Also Google Drive Videos with Subtitles. Skins-Two Types Of Player Style You Can Choose Openload Player Style Or JWPlayer Style (Skin) With GD Player You Can Set All Players Colors. GD Player Based On Video-js.

Insert Videos With GD Player – Shortcode Options

Google Drive Videos (Works Only With Pro Version)

The location of the Google Drive source for the video.

[GDPlayer gdrive=""]<h3>YouTube (Free Version)</h3>The location of the YouTube source for the video.

[GDPlayer youtube=""]<h3>MP44 (Free Version)</h3>The location of the MP4 source for the video.

[GDPlayer mp4=""]<h3>OGG (Free Version)</h3>The location of the Ogg source for the video.

[GDPlayer ogg=""]<h3>WEBM (Free Version)</h3>The location of the WebM source for the video.

[GDPlayer webm=""]<h3>Poster (Free Version)</h3>The location of the (image) poster frame for the video.

[GDPlayer poster=""]<h3>Width</h3>The width of the video.

[GDPlayer width="640"]<h3>Height</h3>The height of the video.

[GDPlayer height="360"]<h3>Preload</h3>Start loading the video as soon as possible, before the user clicks play.

Use ‘auto’, ‘metadata’, or ‘none’. Auto will preload when the browser or device allows it. Metadata will load only the meta data of the video.

[GDPlayer preload="auto"]<h3>Autoplay</h3>Start playing the video as soon as it's ready. Use 'true' or 'false'.

[GDPlayer autoplay="true"]<h3>Loop</h3>Causes the video to start over as soon as it ends. Use 'true' or 'false'.

[GDPlayer loop="true"]<h3>Controls</h3>Use 'false' to hide the player controls.

[GDPlayer controls="false"]<h3>Muted</h3>Use 'true' to initially mute video.

[GDPlayer muted="true"]<h3>id</h3>Add a custom ID to your video player.

[GDPlayer id="movie-id"]<h3>Class</h3>Add a custom class to your player. Use full for floating the video player using 'alignleft' or 'alignright'.

[GDPlayer class="alignright"]<h3>Tracks</h3>Text Tracks are a function of HTML5 video for providing time triggered text to the viewer.

[GDPlayer][track kind="captions" src="" srclang="en" label="English" default="true"][/GDPlayer]<h3>All Attributes Example</h3>
[GDPlayer mp4="" ogg="" webm="" poster="" preload="auto" autoplay="true" width="640" height="360" id="movie-id" class="alignleft" controls="false" muted="true"][track kind="captions" src="" srclang="en" label="English" default="true"][/GDPlayer]

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