Gnaritas Amazon SES Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Gnaritas Amazon SES Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin sends WordPress site email through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) and can optionally monitor bounce and complaint notifications through Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS) and suppress sending email to bounced or complained addresses. The plugin also logs bounce and complaint notifications and can export the saved data in CSV format.


  • PHP >= 5.5
  • OpenSSL PHP extension
  • Amazon Web Services account

To install:

  1. Upload files to the WordPress plugins directory.
  2. Activate in the plugins admin page.
  3. Set up configuration as described in the “Configuration” section.

Note: This plugin includes Amazon Web Services SNS Validator v1.4.0 and AWS SDK for PHP 3.36.19. If you are using other plugins that use these AWS libraries, these may conflict with the versions in use with those plugins. It is not recommended to use this plugin with other plugins using the AWS PHP SDK, SNS Validator or any of their dependencies.




The plugin requires an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user with API access and the following permissions:

  • SES permissions:
    • SendRawEmail
    • SetIdentityNotificationTopic
    • SetIdentityFeedbackForwardingEnabled
    • GetIdentityVerificationAttributes
  • SNS permissions:
    • CreateTopic
    • DeleteTopic
    • Subscribe
    • Unsubscribe


  • Make sure you have at least one verified “identity” (i.e. email address or domain) through which to send email.
  • Make sure your account is out of the SES “sandbox”.

In WordPress:

  • Enter the following in “SES Settings” admin page (under the “Amazon SES” admin menu):

    • From address: The email address to send mail from. This address or its domain should be verified in Amazon SES. (Defaults to WordPress’ admin email.)
    • From name (optional): The name associated with the from address. (WordPress’ default is “WordPress”.)
    • Host: The AWS SMTP endpoint through which to send mail. Available SMTP endpoints are listed here: Choose the one for your SES region.
    • Port: The port on which to connect to the SMTP endpoint. Currently supported ports include 25, 465 and 587.
    • Access key ID, Access key Secret: The access key ID and secret access key for the IAM user you’re using to send email.
      • Note: SMTP credentials created using the SES control panel’s “Create My SMTP Credentials” will not work. If you’re using an IAM user that was created this way, you should create a new access key for them in the “Security credentials” tab on their IAM configuration page and use those credentials.
      • Security note: If your WordPress site doesn’t use https, the secret access key will be vulnerable to interception by third parties when submitting or viewing the SES settings page. It is not exposed when sending email or accessing the AWS API.
    • SES Region: The identifier for your SES account’s region. Supported regions are listed here: Use the value in the “Region” column (e.g. “us-east-1”).
      • Note: If you are using the plugin to handle bounces and complaints, your Simple Notification Service (SNS) region must be the same as your SES region.
    • SES Identity Type: Choose “Email” or “Domain”.
    • Choose whether or not you’d like the plugin to suppress email to bounced or complained recipients
  • On submission, the plugin will verify your Amazon SES identity and send a test email to the SES simulator. If successful, WordPress will send email through Amazon SES.

  • If you opted have the plugin suppress email to bounced or complained addresses, bounce and complaint notifications for your SES identity will be handled by the plugin.

  • If email sending fails unexpectedly, the plugin will stop attempting to send email through SES and revert back to WordPress’ default email handling. This will also stop suppression of email to bounced or complained addresses.

  • To resume sending through Amazon SES, verify your settings on the settings page and click “Save Changes”. The plugin will attempt to verify your SES identity and send a test email, and if successful, resume sending through SES.

  • The plugin displays notifications indicating its current email and bounce handling state on its admin pages and on the WordPress admin dashboard.

Sending Test Email

You can send a test email using the current configuration from the WordPress admin panel under “Amazon SES > Test Email”.

SNS Notifications and Bounce/Complaint Handling

If you opt to have the plugin suppress email to bounced or complained addresses, bounce and complaint notifications from Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) will be recorded in the WordPress database. You can view the notifications and export them in CSV format in the WordPress admin panel under “Amazon SES > SNS Notifications”.

While the plugin is active and email suppression is in effect, email will be suppressed to addresses associated with any “Complaint” notification or a “Permanent” bounce notification. Bounces of type “Transient” are recorded but will not result in suppression of future email.


  1. Main configuration page.

    Main configuration page.

  2. SNS notification listing.

    SNS notification listing.

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