InfoGalore Folders Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

InfoGalore Folders Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

InfoGalore Folders plugin allows you to:

  • organize file attachments into logical folder hierarchy
  • use shortcodes to easily publish any folder or subfolder
  • use shortcodes to publish file links with file information (size, date etc.)
  • include the same file in multiple folders
  • collect information about file downloads


Go to plugin settings screen to review or change default shortcode values and shortcode prefix. You can set your own shortcode prefix or enter empty value to completely remove it. Examples below use default prefix ig-.

Go to Folders admin menu, create new folder and add one or more files. You can use existing files from media library or upload new files. Drag file icons in files list to change order. Don’t forget to publish or update folder to save any changes, including file order.

Warning! InfoGalore Folders plugin is enhancement of media library, not a replacememnt. Any files included in folders will also be available in media library. If you delete file from media library, it will disappear from corresponding folder(s) as well.

Use Subfolders metabox to add subfolders and navigate folder hierarchy. You can drag subfolder icons to change subfolders order.

Use shortcodes in your post or page content to include folder or any individual file. You can click on shortcode text if folder screen to copy it to clipboard. id is required shortcode attribute. To change shortcode behavior, you can add additional additional attributes. See FAQ section below for details.


  1. Folder editor screen

    Folder editor screen

  2. Shortcode usage in article editor

    Shortcode usage in article editor

  3. Rendered shortcodes in article content

    Rendered shortcodes in article content

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