JS Optimization Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

JS Optimization Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin is a toolkit for professional javascript optimization.

The plugin provides in a complete solution for javascript code optimization, asynchronous loading, timed script execution, HTTP/2 Server Push, localStorage cache, external script proxy and more.

The plugin provides many unique innovations including timed script loading and/or execution based on requestAnimationFrame with frame target, requestIdleCallback, element scrolled into view or a Media Query.

The plugin enables to execute scripts based on a Media Query or element scrolled in to viewport enabling to optimize javascript loading for individual devices (for example save +100kb of javascript on mobile devices).

With debug modus enabled, the browser console will show detailed information about the javascript loading and execution process including a Performance API result for an insight in the javascript loading performance of any given configuration.

The plugin contains an advanced Javascript editor with ES Lint, UglifyJS code optimization and a javascript beautifier. The editor can be personalized with more than 30 themes.

Additional features can be requested on the Github forum.

This plugin is a beta release.

Documentation is available on Github.


  1. Javascript Optimization

    Javascript Optimization

  2. Javascript Code Optimization

    Javascript Code Optimization

  3. Javascript Load Optimization

    Javascript Load Optimization

  4. Advanced Javascript Editor

    Advanced Javascript Editor

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