Link Directory Plugin — W3 Directory Builder (Basic) - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Link Directory Plugin — W3 Directory Builder (Basic) - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Add Reddit-like social bookmarking functionality to WordPress.

Allow users to submit and edit listings using a front-end form.


The “basic” version of W3 Directory Builder does not allow post forms to customized. Also, “post” is the only post type that can be used with the submission form.

Upgrade to W3 Directory Builder (Pro) to use a suite of advanced features for creating a web directory.

  • Instantly post and edit submissions without reloading the page.
  • Create multiple directories on one site using multiple post types.
  • Create custom post form fields and layout.
  • Set default post status based on user role (subscriber, editor, etc.).
  • Stylish, multi-select dropdown menu(s) for post form.
  • Allow users to autofill (title, description, etc.) forms based on entered URL.
  • Automatically detect real, canonical URL (even if redirect service/URL is used).
  • Extract URL meta data (oEmbed, Opengraph, etc. — we’ve also added special handlers for getting custom data that is otherwise unavailable or malformed… like YouTube video duration/running time).
  • Cache URL meta data (so you won’t needlessly ping the same sites over and over again).
  • Prevent duplicate URLs.
  • Prevent duplicate posts (by disabling submit button during submission).
  • Automatically detect and attach featured image.
  • Advanced JavaScript form validation (so users won’t accidentally submit improperly formatted data).


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