Media2post Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Media2post Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin handles a number of things:
– An extra “create post” option in the row menu for mediaitems in the listview
– An new “create post featured image” bulk option
– add some code to make sure that when you delete a post, the image is cleared properly (post_parent = 0) so it
shows up in the “unattached” filter
– add MediaRSS to your feed.

By default it create “private” posts as I needed this plugin to deal with older photos. As I use the image postdate as
default for the postdate, private leaves this date alone which publish and draft->publish by default moves the postdate
the date of publishing. Private is also easy to find in the “posts” window.
They also get an “media2post” tag so they are easy to find.
De owner of the post equals the owner of the image.

Special thanks go to mr. Jeremy Felt who wrote “Automatic Featured Image Posts” and who’s code heavily
“influenced” this plugin. I learned a lot from his code!


  1. "create" in the media row menu

    “create” in the media row menu

  2. "Create post with featured image" in the bulk menu

    “Create post with featured image” in the bulk menu

  3. Settings screen

    Settings screen

  4. MediaRSS in feed

    MediaRSS in feed

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