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MyCryptoCheckout Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

MyCryptoCheckout is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce and EasyDigitalDownloads. It allows you to receive funds directly into the wallet of your choice, without exposing yourself to a risk by having to use a highly vulnerable online wallet service. Other features:

  • 0% transaction fees
  • No product restrictions
  • Use any wallet(s) you want: desktop, mobile or online
  • Visitors stay on your site during checkout

With the free license you can process three sales per month. If you require more, a flat rate license can be purchased for your account.

Transaction processing is free! Unlike other payment gateways we do not charge any percentages nor fixed amounts per transaction. The license cost is the same whether you have 10 or 10,000 sales a month.

The following webshops are supported:

  • EasyDigitalDownloads
  • WooCommerce

The following cryptocurrencies are supported:

  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Ripple XRP

After checkout, payment instructions are automatically included in the purchase receipt.

The instructions included in EasyDigitalDownloads e-mails can be included using the {mcc_instructions} e-mail tag. The text is taken from the EDD MCC payment gateway option “Instructions”.

The instructions included in WooCommerce e-mails is taken from the WC MCC gateway “Instructions” option.

Technical disclosure

Upon plugin activation an account is created on the MyCryptoCheckout API server: The only data that is sent is your WordPress install’s public URL.

The URL is used by the API server to know where to send updated account info (license status, payment statistics), exchange rates and purchase notifications.

If your server cannot be reached by the API server this plugin will not function.


  1. WooCommerce checkout

    WooCommerce checkout

  2. EasyDigitalDownloads checkout

    EasyDigitalDownloads checkout

  3. Account tab

    Account tab

  4. Currencies tab

    Currencies tab

  5. Settings tab

    Settings tab

  6. WooCommerce gateway settings

    WooCommerce gateway settings

  7. EasyDigitalDownloads gateway settings

    EasyDigitalDownloads gateway settings

  8. Payment info in WooCommerce

    Payment info in WooCommerce

  9. Payment info in EasyDigitalDownloads

    Payment info in EasyDigitalDownloads

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