NoSpamNX Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

NoSpamNX Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
4.3 Average out of 12 ratings
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Plugin Description

There have been many new good ideas of fighting automated Spam in WordPress. Most of these Plugins (like the antecessor of NoSpamNX: Yawasp) change the name of one (or more) of your comment field. On the one hand, this is indeed more effective, but on the other hand, this goes to the expense of compatibility. Therefore, NoSpamNX does not change any of your comment fields, but still claims to be very effective.

Many Antispam Plugins focus on user interaction, e.g. captcha or calculations to defend you against automated comment spambots. Some use JavaScript and/or Sessions. NoSpamNX intend to handle automated comment-spam-protection without these measures. It does not require JavaScript, Cookies or Sessions. It does not change any of your comment template fields, given you more compatibility with other WordPress- or Browser Plugins.

NoSpamNX automaticly adds additional formfields to your comment form, invisible to human users. If a spambot fills these fields blindly (which most of all spambots do), the comment will not be saved. You can decide if you want to block these spambots or mark them as spam. Furthermore, you can put common spam-phrases on a local Blacklist or (if you have multiple Blogs) on a global Blacklist. This comes very handy when fighting against “handmade” Spam.

NoSpamNX works best with a wordpress default theme (e.g. TwentyEleven, TwentyTwelve, etc.)


Make sure your theme loads comment_form in the Comment-Template (comments.php) according to the WordPress Codex – see – otherwise NoSpamNX will not work properly!

Features in a Nutshell

  • Easy installation (just activate the plugin)
  • Easy configuration (only two options)
  • Increased spam protection when using WordPress default Theme
  • Local Blacklist to block specific Phrases, URLs, Domains, IP-Ranges, etc. (use it to block “handmade” Spam)
  • Global Blacklist for multiple WordPress Blogs
  • Does not require JavaScript, Cookies or Sessions
  • Does not require any extra field for user input (e.g. Captcha, Calculations, Pictures, etc.)
  • No need to manage spambot comments (if you don’t want to)
  • No Database queries except for a few WordPress Options
  • False-positives are nearly impossible


  • Compatible with bbPress
  • Compatible with WPtouch (Mobile Theme)
  • Compatible with WordPress Multi-Site feature (see FAQ)

Known Issues

  • Does not work with OpenID
  • Does not work with BuddyPress
  • Does not work with Jetpack Comments

Available Languages

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish (Thanks to Samuel Aguilera)
  • Italian (Thanks to Gianni Diurno)
  • Russian (Thanks to minimus)
  • Hebrew (Thanks to Amiad)
  • Belarusian (Thanks to Alexander Ovsov)
  • Turkish (Thanks to Hakan Er)


  1. nospamnx screenshot 1

    Statistic on Dashboard

  2. nospamnx screenshot 2


  3. nospamnx screenshot 3

    Local Blacklist

  4. nospamnx screenshot 4

    Global Blacklist

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