Opace Essential SEO Toolkit Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Opace Essential SEO Toolkit Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This works in a similar way to our Chrome extension but is a lot more powerful/configurable for WordPress as you can configure the settings, add/remove sources and add/remove your own categories.
You can enable/disable the Plugin to only show the tools on specific post types through the Plugin settings page by clicking on the “Settings” tab. Check to enable the Plugin on a specific post type, un-check to disable.

Admin Settings

The settings can be modified from the Opace Essential SEO Toolkit plugin installation screen or under “Settings” in the admin panel.
The default landing screen is called “Sources”, where you will see all of the default sources added by the plugin.

By scrolling to the bottom, you will see a section called “Add New Source” where you can add new sources add your own additional SEO tools to the plugin. In the makeup of the URL, you can use three tags, which will be replaced by the current page’s URL markup:

  • [%scheme%] – The scheme identifies the protocol to be used to access the resource on the Internet. It can be HTTP (without SSL) or HTTPS (with SSL).
  • [%host%] – The host name identifies the host that holds the resource. For example, www.yoursite.com.
  • [%path%] – The path identifies the specific resource in the host that the web client wants to access. For example, /tags/news/

Remember to click “Save Changes” once you have finished. From here, you can click the “Categories” option at the top and add new categories or remove categories as needed.

By clicking the “Settings” option, you can select which WordPress post types you would like to use this plugin on. The list here is automatically generated to include the default post types and any custom post types you have created.

Using the Plugin

When you have configured the Opace Essential SEO Toolkit settings as needed, you can then go to one of your posts or pages and use the plugin. In the right hand admin panel of the post type in question you will see the Essential SEO Toolkit meta box. Click on any of your categories to dropdown the list of sources. Click on any source to load it with the current post type URL.


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