Power Ups For Elementor Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Power Ups For Elementor Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

More Infos and Plugin Demo

Plugin Demo
Click here to see the plugin demo



THe best addons for Elementor! Leverage the Elementor Page Builder to the next level.

This plugin extend the Elementor Page Builder by adding new/premium features for free. It will add new elements to the elementor widget list that you can use to build your websites. All elements are easy to customize and have a premium design.

It also adds portfolio functionality. It’s very useful to create a portfolio of websites or web development projects and it is specially made for creative professionals such as designers, web developers and photographers. You can also enable the filterable portfolio option, separating your projects into categories that can be filtered.

All features can be activated or deactivated through the settings panel. This allows you to increase the performance of your website by turning off features that you are not using.

We are constantly improving the plugin and adding new features. If you have a suggestion or feedback please send an email to wppugs@gmail.com

General Features

  • Slider Elementor Module – Create awesome sliders to welcome your visitors or feature some content
  • Post Carousel Elementor Module – Display your blog posts and impress your audience with this awesome carousel
  • Team Elementor Module – Display the members of your team with our Team Widget or the Team Carousel Widget
  • Testimonials Elementor Module – Display testimonials using our TEstimonial Widget or the Testimonial Carousel Widget
  • Portfolio Elementor Module – Showcase your work to your audience with a premium portfolio grid

Portfolio Features

  • Filterable Portfolio
  • You can display only a Custom Portfolio Category if you want
  • You can show the projects on a modal or on a single page (with the project details)
  • Masonry/Boxed Grid
  • 2,3 or 4 collumns

Portfolio Module Demo
[Click here to see the portfolio module demo](https://wppug.com/elementor-demos/portfolio-for-element

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload power-ups-for-elementor folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on “Power Ups to Elementor” to set your settings.

Portfolio Instructions

  1. Click on the “Portfolio” link from the main menu
  2. Click on “Add New Item”, create your first portfolio content and publish. Create as many posts you want.
  3. Add the Portfolio Grid widget on a page using Elementor

How to display the filterable portfolio grid

The widget will be available in Elementor items. Just drag it to your website and select the customization options 🙂

You can also use dthe shortcode to display the portfolio grid on a page/post:


You can customize it using these options:

  • postsperpage: Set a number of posts to show (eg: postsperpage=”12″).
  • showfilter: Show the category filter on the top of the grid. Options: yes/no. (eg: showfilter=”yes”).
  • style: Set the grid style of the portfolio. Options: masonry/box. (eg: style=”box”).
  • linkto: Set the link type of the portfolio item. If is set to image, it will open the Featured Image on a lightbox. Options: image/project. (eg: linkto=”image”).
  • columns: Set the columns per row of the portfolio grid. Options: 2/3/4. (eg: columns=”4″).
  • margin: Choose if you want a margin between the items or no. Options: yes/no. (eg: margin=”no”).

Example of a complete shortcode:

[elemenfolio postsperpage=”12″ type=”no” showfilter=”yes” style=”masonry” linkto=”image” columns=”4″ margin=”no”]

Example of a complete shortcode without the set properties:
[elemenfolio postsperpage=”” showfilter=”” style=”” linkto=”” columns=”” margin=””]


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