Scheduled Posts Planner Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Scheduled Posts Planner Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Post planning and content scheduling is critical to do well when creating new content for your readers. In addition to continually posting new content for your readers is the need for new organic content that will help your google ranking and domain authority.

This plugin is maintained on GitHub, so feel free to use the repository for reporting issues, submitting feature requests and submitting pull requests.

The Scheduled Post Planner creates a meta box on your post page sidebar which displays your upcoming (3) scheduled posts. It shows your “latest” (furthest away) scheduled posts so that you can effectively plan what date you should schedule next. I always found that as I was planning my scheduled posts I was continually needing to save my draft, go to the all posts list to see what was the last or “latest” scheduled post and then go back to my saved draft and proceed with scheduling my next post. This plugin removes that step and easily shows you the title and date with month of the latest (furthest away) scheduled posts. In addition to the list of 3 posts is a “view all” button which redirects you to a list of only scheduled posts and an icon that displays your total number of scheduled posts to help planning ahead.

I’ve got plans to continue developing and updating this plugin. If you have any suggestions on revisions that you’d like to see made, please [get in touch]
( (“Contact Matthew”).

I also run [Webinsights] ( “WordPress Tutorials, Step by Step articles”), which has an collective easy to follow tutorials for creating, modifying and maintaining your WordPress plugins.


  1. An example of the widget in use.

    An example of the widget in use.

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