SmartVideo Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

SmartVideo Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Tired of YouTube’s brand overshadowing your own on your site? Graduate from free video platforms in just a few minutes. SmartVideo provides your site’s visitors clean, accelerated, professional playback that loads fast and won’t bog your site down. Capture your visitors’ attention and generate more clients, leads, bookings, or sales.

With SmartVideo, WordPress users can create clean, fast, professional video experiences on their sites in a matter of minutes.

SmartVideo is for site owners that need Netflix-level video quality but can’t spend the time and code needed to integrate with players, encoding services, and CDN’s. At Swarmify, we believe that adding video to your website should be as easy as adding an image. Simply install our plugin, and boom, your videos are optimized for your visitors’ enjoyment.

There’s no encoding, no API, no uploading, no choosing bitrates, and no programmer required. It’s the video experience WordPress users have always deserved. Of course, behind the scenes, our software handles all of the complicated internet stuff so you don’t have to. It works to provide 8x less buffering and stall-outs than competing video players, and keeps the playback quality sharp and clear. And, if you already have YouTube embeds on your site, the SmartVideo plugin will auto-convert all YouTube embeds to our SmartVideo playback. No work needed on your end.

Here are a few of the things users love best about SmartVideo:

  • Super fast load speed – SmartVideo loads 12 times faster than YouTube on average and doesn’t weigh your site down
  • Buffer-free, crystal clear streaming – no more buffering or pixelated playback
  • Automatic YouTube embed conversions – have YouTube videos embedded on your site? SmartVideo will automatically convert them to our clean, fast player with no work on your part
  • Customizable player – change the accent color of the player and add your own branding
  • Clean interface – no unwanted overlays, watermarks or recommended videos that distract visitors from your content and leak your traffic
  • Global delivery network – we host and optimize all delivery, serving your videos from our global delivery network to anyone, anywhere on the planet
  • Professional-grade encoding included – don’t worry about encoding, we’ve got you covered
  • Responsive player – SmartVideo scales perfectly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Ad network integration – easily add your VAST Ad URL to start making money on your content

Here are some of things you can do with SmartVideo:
* Add a poster image
* Make a video autoplay
* Accelerate a background video
* Make a video loop
* Turn controls on or off
* Prevent browsers from forcing full-screen playback
* And much, much more…

SmartVideo is for users that:
* Need fast, clean video for WordPress
* Want a WordPress video plugin that does all the heavy lifting
* Are trying to find WordPress video hosting that won’t break the bank
* Are looking for a WordPress YouTube plugin that converts embeds automatically
* Are worried about WordPress video load speed and how it affects their site

Install SmartVideo and get a 14-day free trial today!


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  2. Automagically convert YouTube

    Automagically convert YouTube

  3. Plugin settings dashboard

    Plugin settings dashboard

  4. Add your account key

    Add your account key

  5. Set up the plugin options

    Set up the plugin options

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