Smiling.Video Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Smiling.Video Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Smiling Video Service Description

Smiling.Video is a “third generation” web platform for the publishing and distribution of high quality videos of breaking news, sport, entertainment, fashion, travel, cooking, etc.

Smiling.Video supplies high quality videos of different categories – sports, news, cinema, movie & Tv, music etc – to publishers directly inside the WordPress articles. Or creating a personal videogallery. Everything without fixed costs for the editor.

To all content providers – whether you are a Sport League, concert organizer, video journalist or videomaker – Smiling.Video allows you to earn through your video distribution over hundred of italian websites and worldwide.

Service is available here: for publishers and content providers. Feel free to register as company or as individual and get access to videos.

As content provider, you are allowed to upload your videos and get a revenue share on your video views.
As publisher, you are allowed to get the HTML snippet code for embedding the video player in your site pages and get a revenue share on video views too.

This WordPress plugin is a tool useful to publishers for automatically embedding HTML snippet code into wordpress pages during editing with no need to copy/paste snippet code from smiling video platform to WordPress page editor.

The plugin is based on a Web Service API provided by Such API suggests a list of video related to the current article content. The only mandatory property is the article title.

Plugin Installation


  • go to and register (“REGISTRATI”) a new account as publisher (“Sono un editore”)
  • fill in personal data such as email, password; check legal term acceptance and provide other information
  • wait for registration email and click link to confirm
  • wait for Smiling Video approval email
  • now you have valid username and password credentials needed for proper plugin usage

  • log in your WordPress admin console

  • select “Plugin” tab
  • select “Add New” plugin
  • search “Smiling Video”
  • select “install now”

Plugin Configuration

  • after install you have a new menu item called “Smiling Video”
  • in such window, fill in username (“Smiling Video User”) and password (“Smiling Video Password”) fields.
  • press “Salva le modifiche” to save them

Plugin usage

  • go to WordPress page editor
  • fill in page title (i.e. “Star Wars”)
  • press button “Smiling Video”
  • a window containing the gallery of suggested videos will appear
  • press “inserisci codice” to select one of them
  • a code snippet marked between [smiling_video] and [/smiling_video] will appear. Do not change it.
  • continue editing the page adding article text or other videos
  • save the page and publish it
  • you will see the video player showing the selected video preview

Good editing and enjoy a full set of videos!


  1. Registration Web Site

    Registration Web Site

  2. Plugin Configuration Page

    Plugin Configuration Page

  3. Smiling Video Button in Editor

    Smiling Video Button in Editor

  4. Suggested video list

    Suggested video list

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