SSP Stacktable Tables Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

SSP Stacktable Tables Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This is a fairly simple plugin that will collapse tables that are too wide for mobile screens into a simple “stacked” view.

The main functionality of this plugin is provided by the jQuery Stacktable plugin from John Polacek, which you can view here:

I take no credit for the jQuery Stacktable plugin. That’s all John!

All this WordPress plugin does is the Stacktable script on the pages you specify in the settings, and then uses a very small piece of javascript to apply the Stacktable script to ALL tables on the pages you select. You can also disable the built-in sample CSS, so that you can put your own CSS for Stacktable in your theme in order to specify your own mobile breakpoint and any other modifications you wish to make.

Note that this plugin will have no effect on tables when the screen width is above the mobile breakpoint specified in the CSS.


  • Modifies tables to display nicely on mobile devices using the jQuery Stacktable plugin from John Polacek.
  • Select the specific pages you want the script to be enqueued on. It will be applied to all tables on those pages.
  • Can disable the built-in CSS so that you can queue up your own CSS styles and set your own mobile breakpoint


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