Syrup Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Syrup Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Syrup is a new way to interacting with your customers. Provide them with a superior assistance experience using chat, video and the ability to navigate simultaneously with your experts in the same page.

Text chats are a thing of the past. Today’s users expect a more sophisticated assistance experience. One that makes a better use of available technologies: we use chat, video, audio and the best shared navigation so you can provide an exceptional assistance experience to your customers.

Do you want to improve support and assistance to your customers? With sharing navigation, agents can interact with visitors navigating simultaneously into your website providing help to complete any process.

Do you have an online shop? Provide a superior customer experience by working together with your visitors booking a flight, with e-commerce processes or filling forms.

Do you want advanced interaction into your website? Use Syrup to interact with customers like never before by showing specific information or guiding them with complex tasks.

Do you need shared navigation? Draw indications on your visitors screens and show them revelevant information in the right moment. Interact together or ask your clients to take control if needed.


  1. syrup screenshot 1

    Interact with your customers like never before.

  2. syrup screenshot 2

    Superior assistance experience.

  3. syrup screenshot 3

    A powerful and simple tool to manage all activities.

  4. syrup screenshot 4

    Analyze your agents activity and performance.

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