Visitorsproof – A Socialproof And FOMO Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Visitorsproof – A Socialproof And FOMO Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Visitorsproof is a social proof sales popup notification bar compatible with WordPress and Woocommerce for your website and ecommerce store. This WordPress pluginhelps you in collecting the important website data insights and convert them into a beautiful notification bar to display on your website. Visitorsproof makes social proof and FOMO notifications with the available data of your website giving them meaningful insights to lure your customers into buying or signing up for your website.

What is the basis for Visitorsproof?

Visitorsproof is based on the social proofing and FOMO concept. Social proofing and FOMO concept is used mainly in websites which is predominantly ecommerce. Ecommerce website has a lot of products and a lot of data is generated in ecommerce website, which is just left unused. In social proof and FOMO concept, people are made to take a decision with the previous decision taken by the people of same group. Example, when you try to book a hotel room there are notifications shown on how many rooms left and how hot it is filling out, forcing you to take a decision and book the rooms immediately.

Visitorsproof – WordPress:

Visitorsproof for your WordPress and woocommerce website is a single click-activate plugin. You have the standard procedure of installing a plugin in your wordpress website. After installing, just activate the plugin to see the dashboard with the options of notification enablement. Installing and uninstalling the plugin is made very easy without you deleting or inputting any data.

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There are different categories of notifications in Visitorsproof plugin. We categorize them based on their use purpose.
* There are 5 different categories of notifications for you to use. They are categorized with relevant names so that it is easily identifiable.
* There is a custom notification option to write a custom message for the customers by the website admins
* There is no limitationin enabling all the notification types or you can disable some of the notifications based on the requirement of the website.
* There are two themes available for free users and more theme options are available for premium users.
* There is an option to use two custom animations for entrance and exit of a notification and more animations are available for premium users.
* If you are a new website and doesn?t have much data to show, you can use our loop option.
* Randomly choose notiticate for premium users
* Instant preview of notifications.
* There are 4 notification positions for free users and 5 more notification positions for premium users.
* Social media – You can integrate your social media profiles with the Visitorsproof notification and promote your social media to your users. You can create a notification to like your facebook page, follow your twitter profile and Linkedin profile pages.
* Report – Visitorsproof in numbers for your website. We provide a deep analysis of the notifications in your website and also provide you with suggestions to increase conversion with the detailed report. Report is accessible to premium users only.

Third Party Services Used in Free Version

  1. Select2.js
    Usage of this library is present in custom notification page for choose a icon from variety of icons

  2. TRUMBOWYG Editor
    Usage of this library is present in custom notification page for notification message

  3. Sortable
    This library is used for sorting or changing the order of notifications

  4. &
    Link 1
    Link 2
    The above two 3rd party services are used for extracting visitor’s location from ip address

  5. Animate.css
    This library is used for showing animated notifications

Third Party Services Used in Premium Version

  1. Daterangepicker
    This is used for showing reports for particular date range

    This is used for showing various reports

  3. jQuery Vector Map
    This is used for showing geographical report


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