WooCommerce Outfit Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WooCommerce Outfit Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Want to know how your customers are doing with the sold products? Want to engage your customers more? The WooCommerce Outfit plugin is going to help you find all those answers, but before that, you have to understand what is Outfit.
When a potential buyer buys a product and uploads a picture of him/her using that product, showing satisfaction or gratitude is known as Outfit.

Your sold products review is going to be on your website with a less effort from you rather your customers are going to give more efforts to upload photos of your product by using the WooCommerce Outfit Plug-in. This will not only engage your old customers but also will generate potential customers.

The WooCommerce Outfit plugin is here to make your effort counted.

Live Demo

Check out a working version of this plugin here

user: demo
password: demo


  • New outfit submission.
  • Listing on single product.
  • Single outfit view on popup.

Pro Version

Pro version extends the free version with following features:

  • Style gallery.
  • Tags Option.
  • Outfit community.
  • Sharing outfit on social media.

Get Pro Version Here


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