WooCommerce Predictive Search Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WooCommerce Predictive Search Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

WooCommerce Predictive Search engine queries your entire product database while you type. It delivers users instant and changing results as they type in the dropdown which shows the product thumbnail, product title and description. Users can click through from the dropdown to the ‘All Results Search page’ that features endless scroll.

Key Features

  • WooCommerce Predictive Search engine delivers 100% accurate results, 100% of the time.
  • Pretty URL for the All Search Results pages.
  • Use ‘live search’ to wow your customers by delivering deadly, super fast search results.
  • Add and configure a search box to any widgetized area on your site.
  • Shows the results beautifully in the widget drop-down with Product Thumbnail, Title and description text.
  • Searches your entire WooCommerce product database for the product name that match what is being typed.
  • Set the number of Product results to show in the drop down.
  • Add description text to show by default inside each Widget Search box.
  • Set the number of characters of the product description text to show with each search result.
  • Exclude Products from Predictive Search.
  • Click through from the Widget dropdown to the ‘All Results Search Page’.
  • ‘All Results Search Page’ shows products thumbnail, Title as a clickable link to the product and product text description.
  • ‘All Results Search Page’ features endless scroll – allows the page to load quickly and show ‘infinite’ number of results.

a3rev Plugins Lite & Pro Version Admin Interface

  • All a3rev Lite Version plugins have exactly the same admin interface as the Pro Version.
  • Pro Version features and settings are inside of a Yellow border.
  • The Pro Version settings are all active on the admin panels But do not save and are not applied to the front end.
  • Upgrading to the Pro version activates all the Pro version Features and Settings and removes the Yellow side bar and borders.

= Premium Support =

The a3rev team does not provide support for the WooCommerce Predictive Search plugin on the WordPress.org forums. One on one developer support is available via the plugins a3rev support forum to people who have purchased a WooCommerce Predictive Serach Pro plugin Lifetime License.

The Pro Version has lots of extra features that coupled with developer support might be well worth your investment!

Optimizing WooCommerce Site Search

Many people have found this post Optimizing WooCommerce Site Search extremely useful in really being able to tweak their site search for the benefit of their customer user experience on their site.

Pro Version Lifetime License advanced features

= backbone.js / WooCommerce JSON REST API =

  • All the Pro Version front end features are built in backbone.js
  • Lightweight with all events parsed via backbone.js JSON interface with WooCommerce API.
  • All Results Search page is a SPA – Single Page Application.

Focus Keywords:

  • Predictive Search ‘Focus keywords’ gives you 100% accuracy in Optimizing your entire site anyway you want. Optimize your ‘site search’ by adding a ‘Focus Keywords or Keyword Phrases’ to any product page, post, wp-page just like an SEO plugin except it is for site search not external search engines and its 100% accurate and super fast.
  • Predictive Search meta section on each product page, post and page for setting ‘Focus Keywords and Keyword Phrases’.
  • Configure focus keywords via Products Quick Editor and Bulk Editor.

Exclude Content from Search results

  • Exclude any product, post or page from Predictive Search results Globally from the admin panel or right from the Predictive Search Meta on product, post or page.

SEO Plugin Integration

  • Integration with SEO plugins. Can be a massive time saver.
  • Configure your plugin with the click of a mouse to use Focus Keywords that are set on an SEO plugin you are using.
  • Include any ‘Focus Keywords’ that have been set while optimizing the site content for search engine search.
  • Currently supports * Yoasts WordPress SEO and the * All in One SEO plugins.


  • Use ‘live search’ to wow your customers – fast and deadly accurate.
  • Add Predictive Search anywhere on your site via unlimited Widgets, Shortcodes and Search functions
  • Fully customizable – define what gets searched and what shows in the search box drop down.
  • Easy to read and easy to sort All Search Results pages featuring endless scroll.
  • Pretty URL’s for the All Search Results pages.
  • Search by Product name, Product SKU, Product Categories, Product tags, posts and Pages and any combination of these
  • Configure Search of your entire WooCommerce product database by Product titles, SKU’s, Product Categories and Tags, exclude any.

All Search Results Pages:

  • To see more results for the search Click through from the Widget drop down footer to the ‘All Results Search Page’. Design like the facebook search.
  • All Results Search Page is a backbone.js SPA (Single Page Application). Click on Filter type Tab and results load without reloading the page.
  • All Results Search Page’ shows products thumbnail, Title as a clickable link to the product and product text description.
  • User can configure the All Results Search Page for each result to show

    • Number of Characters of description text to show
    • Product Categories,
    • Product Tags,
    • Product Prices including ‘special’ pricing with each result.
    • Add to cart button
    • Number of results to show before ‘endless scroll’ bar.
  • ‘All Results Search Page’ features endless scroll loaded by backbone.js – allows the page to load quickly and show ‘infinite’ number of results.

Widget Search

  • Configure each widget to search all ‘types’

    • Product name,
    • Product SKU,
    • Product Categories,
    • Product Tags,
    • Posts,
    • Pages
    • or any combination of these.
  • Set the number of each search ‘type’ eg Product category results to show in the search box dropdown.

  • Use drag and drop to set the search ‘type’ order that the results show in the drop down.
  • All Search results page sorted is auto sorted into results types configured for the widget.


  • WooCommerce Predictive Search shortcodes – Insert and configure the Search box into any page or post via shortcode.
  • Customize shortcodes search box dimensions and alignment on page.
  • Full customization just like the Widget search

Smart Search

  • ‘Smart Search’. An intuitive technology that auto detects if the page is Product Category, Product tag, Post Category or Post tag and features results from that taxonomy. This delivers extremely relevant search results.
  • Activate Smart search in any widget or any search function.
  • Activate or deactivate the ‘Smart Search” feature with the click of a mouse.

Search Function

  • Add a Predictive Search box to any part of your site that is not widgetized via the Predictive search Function.
  • From the admin panel configure all the Parameters of the Search function then just use the short function code to add the Search box where ever you want it. example in the header.
  • Once installed change the parameters of the global search from the admin panel.
  • Full documentation instructions on how to add the search function to your sites header.
  • Back up ‘Book a Service’ with us to place the search function if your theme requires advanced CSS skills and you don’t have easy access to a coder.

Google Analytics Site Search

  • Full integration with the Google Analytics Site Serach Feature
  • Use the plugins default Query parameter:ps or create your own.

Performance Settings

  • Manually set the number of characters that must be typed before the first query begins. Options are 1 to 6 characters.
  • Manually set delay in milli-seconds that the query begins at after a character is typed in the search box. Options are 500 to 1500ms.

Plugins Resources

Home Page |
Documentation |


  • English (default) – always included.
  • Romanian (ro_RO) credit to Balanean Corneliu.
  • Dutch (nl_NL) credit to Erwin Saunders.
  • Spanish (es_ES) credit to Fidel Diez.
  • .po file (woops.po) in languages folder for translations.

If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We’ll acknowledge your work here. Go here to send your translation files to us.


  1. woocommerce-predictive-search screenshot 1

    Set up WooCommerce Predictive Search Widget. Set Title that show on the front end. Set the number of results to show in the dropdown. Set the number of characters of the description text to show with each result. Link to the All Search Results Page shows at the bottom of the widget.

  2. woocommerce-predictive-search screenshot 2

    All Search Results Page with Endless Scroll. Please note the image shows results with Prices, Product Categories and Product Tags – these are Pro Version features that are NOT activated on the Lite Version.

  3. woocommerce-predictive-search screenshot 3

    The plugin adds a Predictive Search tab to your WooCommerce Settings. It also auto creates a WooCommerce Predictive Search page on your site with the predictive search shortcode embedded. This is for the ‘All Results Search Page’ creation. You can change the pages location if you know what you are doing.

  4. woocommerce-predictive-search screenshot 4

    The plugin auto adds a Predictive search Shortcode icon to all of your pages and posts visual editors. Note: Shortcodes are not a supported feature on the lite version.

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