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Forms Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Embed forms in with your WordPress website.
Enhance customer experience like never before by embedding all your forms with the WordPress website.

About is an online form builder software. by 500apps helps build forms and manage responses like never before with a new-age form builder and response manager. Built-in drag and drop editors help build engaging forms without sacrificing quality. Create forms in minutes by adding desired blocks and components without any coding experience. Manage all form responses at the same place to make data-driven informed decisions.


Form Builder:

Build engaging and interactive forms that people love answering and increase customer engagement.

Built-in Templates:

With built-in templates, you can create forms as per your requirement and send forms to customers and receive responses faster and better.

Customizable Templates:

Create forms with customizable templates of your choice and need.

Drag and Drop Editor:

Create engaging forms with Drag and drop editor function.

Page Preview:

Create and see your forms in action with form preview which allows making changes accordingly.

HTML Embed

Use the embed code of forms – one page or multiple pages and place it in wherever required (such as web pages and blogs). Store everything in the response tab using form builder options.

Multi-step forms

Capture the leads through multi-step form creation. Convert audience into customers by collecting information such as email and name at the backend.

Advanced UI

Increasing the frontend user experience through our Form Designer’s intuitive interface. Design the form as you like and feel it from the various available designing options. Make a creative & vibrant form with our advanced designer tool.

Online Payment

Boost your sales, collect surprising boxes, and automate memberships online with Turn your business into a highly elevating one with our online payment options in app.

Custom Grid

Choose the grids and place them as you like it! Having customized grid options simplifies the job even if you aren’t a coder.

Form Responses

Manage responses by receiving all of them at once and analyze them together for data-driven decision-making.

Manage Response:

It allows you to manage all the responses at one place to better manage and analyze the data.


Create forms using built-in templates and get work done faster. Add or remove fields the way you want and publish forms at the speed of thought.

Theme builder :

Themed templates allow you to create forms with different themes as per your requirements.

Form Templates :

Create form templates to provide the best user experience to your customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Survey Templates :

Built survey forms with available survey templates that enable more customer engagement.

Drag and Drop

Build forms with no coding experience using drag and drop form builder that helps you create stunning forms without much effort.

Add Images :

Add images, videos, and links with the required components and enhance your customer experience.

Add Grids :

Make your customers, make informed decisions by explaining your product/service in detail with grid components.
Editable Components : Add more data in your forms with editable components and make your forms function to help users fill in the required information.

Form Integration

Take your online forms to the next level with our ever-growing and constantly improving the collection of form integrations.


Stripe Integration

Structurize your installments using forms. Add your products or services to forms and embed them into your website. Create hassle-free payment options – be it an installment or a complete one.


Get paid as soon as your installment ends through integration. Choose seamless capabilities of now!


$14.99 per user per month


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