AI Addons For Elementor Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

AI Addons For Elementor Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The #1 AI Addons for Elementor

Introducing our exceptional lineup of over 50+ addons and widgets for Elementor, the leading website builder. Created with a focus on empowering web designers and developers, our add-ons seamlessly integrate with Elementor, providing a vast array of dynamic features and functionalities. Elevate your website creation process with our meticulously crafted add-ons, offering an extensive.

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The Features

AI addon is a type of software that extends the functionality of a web browser. It can add additional features, such as enhanced security, additional browsing options, improved performance, or new functionalities. Examples of AI addons include ad widgets, modules, templates, and many more. With these addons, users can customize their browsing experience, providing a more secure and enjoyable experience.

OpenAI GPT Integration

From personalised website making to smart automation, our AI-powered add-ons revolutionise the way you interact with technology

Drag and Drop Option

Drag-and-drop is a popular and easy-to-use feature that allows users to move objects by dragging them to a specific location

Completely Costomizable

Each component has a lot of choices that allow you to fully customize your website. With imagination, almost any design is possible.

Elementor Template Library

There are 100+ pre-made section blocks included with AI Addons. These blocks from the unique layout template library let you quickly create any type of website. You are not required to start from scratch. Simply enter a design from the Layout collection and tweak it as necessary. Your website is prepared to go live.

Elements Control Option

To speed up and smooth out the loading of your page, you can enable and disable specific elements. To keep the site light, you can deactivate superfluous widgets.

Expert Support

Our extraordinary support staff is prepared to assist you. You can post your inquiries in the help forum or get in touch with us.

25+ Free Widgets

1.* Circle Progress– Create stunning circle progress for your pages
1.* Button – Quickly add creative buttons with hover effects
1.* Chart – This widget allows you to create data chart to your pages
1.* Counter – Using the Counter widget, you can showcase the number, statistics, achievements, and facts in a progressive number counter.
1.* Fancy Text – Design pages using animated texts with different styles
1.* Feature Box – Display features with custom icons, images and styles
1.* Icon Box – The icon box widget enables you to present a quick description of the services or products you offer inside boxes.
1.* Icon List – Display icon lists with custom icons and styles
1.* Contact Info – Display your contact information with info widget
1.* Google Map – Create maps with unlimited themes
1.* Section Title – You can beautify your headlines using our heading widget. With Headings, Titles, Subtitles, and Descriptions with Separator
1.* Icon – Using the icon widget, you can showcase the icons
1.* Social Icons – Use our Social Icons Widget to display your social media icons, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, on your WordPress website
1.* Accordion – Add beautiful nested accordions anywhere
1.* Data Table – Insert attractive data table anywhere you want
1.* AI Tab – Display information neatly in nested tabs
1.* Content Switcher – This widget can be used to quickly switch between or combine different sources of content
1.* Toggle Content – This widget allows you to create content hidden or made visible on a web page
1.* Content Carousel – This widget allows you to create multiple pieces of content in a rotating fashion
1.* Contact Form 7 – Customize beautiful forms without any coding
1.* Posts – This widget helps you to display your blogs, popular posts, and recent posts in tabs as per the category.
1.* Search – Add a customizable, dynamic search bar
1.* Menu – Design minimalist navigation menus in Elementor
1.* Logo – This widget helps you to showcase client and sponsor logos on your Elementor web pages with different styles
1.* Copyright – This widget helps you to create your own copyright with your own styles

3 Free Modules

1.* Background Parallax – This module helps you to display your section background as parallax
1.* Header & Footer Builder – This module is a tool that allows website owners to quickly and easily create custom headers and footers for their website
1.* Mega Menu Builder – This module is a tool used to create and customize a mega menu for a website. Mega menus are large menus that display multiple levels of navigation items and sub-items.

13+ Pro Widgets

1.* Image Comparison – Display your image widget that compares two images and gives an attractive before and after slider effect.
1.* Flip Box – Use animated Flip Boxes to highlight any content
1.* Day Counter – This widget will allow you to use the countdown timer feature on your website.
1.* Image Grid – Showcase your recent photos, company environment, events, etc to your visitors with a Image Grid widget
1.* Image Box – You may add picture boxes with text, call-to-action buttons, and headlines using this widget. The boxes can be customised with a variety of effects and formats.
1.* Off Canvas – Offcanvas allow the user to display sidebar content
1.* AI Tooltip – Set tooltip for Icon, Image, Text or shortcodes
1.* Pricing Table – Describe your clear product value with the pricing table widget.
1.* Timeline – Create your timeline using the timeline widget and showcase your timeline
1.* Modal Popup – Modal Popup Widget lets you design amazing popups
1.* Mailchimp – Design your Mailchimp form within Elementor with ease
1.* Timeline Slide – Create stunning and sliding timeline for your website
1.* Video Popup – Using this widget, you can showcase the videos on popups

3 Pro Modules

1.* Smoke Effects – This module helps you to display smoking effect to your sections
1.* Rain Drop Effects – Using this module, you can showcase the rain drop effects in your sections
1.* Floating Images – Using this module, you can showcase the floating images


We are providing OpenAI services. You can create Account in OpenAI and generate OpenAI API then use here to create custom/dynamic content. Need more details about OpenAI go through here: ,
Read OpenAI Terms here: ,
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