AploBlocks – Extra Design Features For The Block Editor Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

AploBlocks – Extra Design Features For The Block Editor Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

AploBlocks adds extra features to the core wordpress blocks. It is designed for block themes and helps you achieve incredible design features with very little effort. If you know how to use the block editor then you will know how to use AploBlocks.

Some of the features below give you an indication of just what you can achieve with absolutely no coding experience.

  • Entrance Animations: 16 (and growing) options for on-scroll animations with custom speed and delay settings
  • Filters: Change images to how you want them to look, options for blur, brightness, contrast, opacity, hue & saturation. Configure a filter to be added or removed on hover.
  • Shadow Filter: Customise the offset, blur & opacity of a blocks shadow. Options to add or remove on hover.
  • Transforms: Rotate, scale & move blocks. Transforms can also be added or remove on hover.
  • Masks: Choose from a list of polygon masks to shape the block how you want it and then customise to suit your needs. Apply shadow using the shadow filter.
  • Negative Margins Move a block up, down, left or right to position it over another block and set the z-index value to position it above or below the other block

Filters for a group block can be added as a backdrop filter if you want to apply the filter to the background. With a gallery block you can quickly apply filters to all images in the block or even make the filter apply to images that are not hovered over.

AploBlocks is designed to simply plug in to any standard block theme and enhance the core blocks. If you want to modify an existing block theme with the features above then you can get started in minutes!

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  1. Block masking

    Block masking

  2. Shadow filter

    Shadow filter

  3. Masking & negative margins

    Masking & negative margins

  4. Scale & rotate transforms

    Scale & rotate transforms

  5. Card pullout on hover

    Card pullout on hover

  6. Gallery with switch option

    Gallery with switch option

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