Archiiv Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Archiiv Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Beehiiv is an online newsletter subscriptions service riviling other subscriptions services like Mailchimp or Substack.

The Archiiv plugin allows site owners to easily output a simple form on the front end of their website that collects users’ emails and stores them as Beehiiv user subscribers.

The form is output via a simple shortcode placed in the text/block editor or echoed in a php template using the apply_shortcodes() function. This allows developers and site owners to output the form anywhere on the website with total control.

To connect your form with with your Beehiiv account, visit the Archiiv settings page created when you activate the plugin. You will be prompted to add your Beehiiv API key, your Beehiiv publication ID, and an optional redirect URL.

If either the API key or publication ID is missing and you use the shortcode to output your form, it will not display. Admins will see an error box that instructs them to fill out these fields in the settings page properly. Non-admins and logged out site users / vistors will not see anything. Only when the API key and publication ID are saved will the form output correctly.

If the optional redirect URL is left empty, succussful form submissions will be redirected to the homepage. We recommend setting up a specific “Thank You” page for your Beehiiv subscribers to inform them that their submission was successful, but this functionality is optional per site administrator.

Forms are output with simple CSS so that this plugin is easily accessible out-of-the-box to developers and non-developers alike. You may easily overwrite the CSS styles with your own, using another plugin, theme styles overrides, or any other preferred method of outputting custom CSS.

To target the form CSS, the following is a reference guide of classes used:
Parent Form: .beehiiv-form-connection
Email Input: .beehiiv-field-1
Submit Button: .beehiiv-submit-button

Upon successful form entry, the site admin email is sent a notification that the user is successfully subscribed. If the form entry was unsuccessful, the site admin email is also sent a notification that the request did not go through.

There are several reasons for an unsuccessful subscription, but the most likely culprit is that either the API key, publication ID, or both are incorrectly input. Instructions about where to find the Beehiiv API key and publication ID are found via a link on the Arhciiv settings page.


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