Audio Attachment Widget Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Audio Attachment Widget Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The Audio attachment is a sidebar widget, which will display a filtered, sorted and ordered list of all related linked audio files to current post or page. The widget will work with these audio formats (MPEG, OGG or WAV) and offer the user a download link to each attached file. If the MPEG option is set then any attached MPEG will have the functionality to be previewed using the MPEG player. At this point in development the player only works with this format. But the plugin will still offer the other file formats for download.

The widget options are:
1) Displayed Title:
– User input

2) Limit the number of items returned.
– User input value

3) Select attachment file types, which are allowed to be displayed:

4) Order the list in an ascending order:
– Re-order items to list them in an ascending or descending order.

5) Hide the widget from the sidebar:
– Hide from sidebars

6) Display the files description text:
– Show description text

After selecting your options and saving the widget settings, the widget will then only display the audio attachment mime types which have been selected.


  1. audio-attachment-widget screenshot 1

    Shown here are the available options of the ‘Audio Attachment Widget’.

  2. audio-attachment-widget screenshot 2

    This screen grab displays what the ‘Audio Attachment Widget’ will look like on the front-end of your website, when all widget options have been selected.

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