BestSmallShopLite Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

BestSmallShopLite Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A few notes about this plugin:

IMPORTANT: BestSmallShopLite requires PHP 5.0.0 or greater. PHP 4 was retired on Dec 31, 2007 and it won’t be supported.

IMPORTANT: BestSmallShopLite is intended for standalone WordPress installations.

Note: For some reason the screenshots are not displaying. You can view them here

BestSmallShopLite is an e-commerce and shopping cart plugin for WordPress that accepts online payments through PayPal (additional gateways to follow). It creates a new WordPress page for your shop and WordPress category to display your products.

BestSmallShopLite is intended for the smaller business and has been created to be easy to use for both the owner and the shopper.

BestSmallShopLite does not create any additional WordPress database tables and is suitable within any WordPress theme that is widget enabled. We have deliberately provided a non-complex style so that users can edit the style sheet to match their theme and requirements. For users who are unsure as to how to do this, we do provide a customisation service.

All administration for BestSmallShopLite is carried out on the pages within the BestSmallShopLite administration menu where you can view product summaries, add/edit/delete products, add/edit product variables such as colour and size, review sales and edit shop settings.

How it works for a shopper.

The shopper visits your shop page and views your products. They then add those products to their basket (which is the widget you activated during installation). They can review their basket, delete/add items to their basket and proceed to checkout. Checkout requests their contact details and delivery address which, once confirmed, is processed by BestSmallShopLite and they are taken to a checkout button to complete their sale and pay. At this point, both the shopper and you receive an email confirming the order and the order details.

You will then receive additional confirmation that payment has been made from your chosen payment gateway. You can now ship the goods to the shopper. BestSmallShopLite will automatically adjust stock levels according to sales.

Perhaps it is more important in this description to say what BestSmallShopLite does not do. It does not provide you with back-end order processing, i.e. your notification of a sale is the email you receive together with a record of that sale within BestSmallShopLite. You are then responsible for shipping etc. There are no facilities within BestSmallShopLite to automate this type of function. BestSmallShopLite is intended to be an easy to use and administer e-commerce system for the smaller online retailer.

NOTE If having activated BestSmallShopLite you feel that our Plugin is not quiet for you and that you need it to do a bit more then please contact us. We are happy to customise your plugin to meet your needs. If we feel these changes are a benefit to other users we will not make any charge, otherwise we would make a nominal (which we would agree in advance) charge. Do not hesitate to contact us we are here to help, we want you to use BestSmallShopLite and for you to have a tool that truely meets your requirements.


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