Bright Link Previews Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Bright Link Previews Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

TLDR: A WordPress plugin that shows previews of links (clear, neat, simple), analyzes links href urls and tracks user’s behaviour on the links of your site.

What is Bright Links: analyzer and preview make

This is an innovative WordPress plugin that adds neat and clear link previews to your site, it allows you to track user behaviour on the links in your site and helps you to analyze the health the links distributed in your articles.

This plugin scans each link on your site pages, analyzes linked urls and retrieves data to build a nice detailed preview. With Bright Links, your website links will be easier to read and navigate, as the previews will provide a clear description of each page and its content. Your users will love it.

Bright Links is a great plugin to help make your website look more professional and organized.

Additionally, it provides a report with links that tracks clicks, hover movements and broken links, which helps you to understand which arguments of your links are followed by users, and fix broken links to keep your site working.

Bright Links is also easy to customize, it’s mobile friendly and allows you to manage link targets all over your site. You can apply the preview both on internal and external links, on your post contents and your comment texts. It comes with a built in cache for speed, different styles, and more to come.

With Bright Links, you will be able to quickly customize your website and make sure that all links are functioning properly. The plugin is also extremely lightweight, so it won’t slow down your website.


  • generate previews of all links open to url crawling(XX)

  • generate previews of all ecommerce links showing also prices (works with Amazon links, Shopify links and Woocommerce links)

  • handle images smartly, choosing the best image

  • mobile friendly, works also on mobile

  • cache the previews to speed up loading times

  • find broken links and show errors in back office stats report

  • detailed daily stats for clicks, hoverings, link rel nofollow and rel sponsored

  • optionally show to your users where other users have clicked

  • optionally apply target blank attribute to all external links

  • choose different popup styles and customize colors

  • code ready for internazionalization

(XX) some links (like facebook or instagram) could be read only partially because the owners of these sites block crawling calls like the ones used in this plugin


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