Custom Alt Text For Elementor Images Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Custom Alt Text For Elementor Images Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to set a custom alternative text to each instance of an image widget that you add to a post or page using the Elementor Editor. You can also use the attachment alternative text (as default) or even set the alt text empty (for decorative images).

Why you will love this plugin

The plugin Custom Alt Text for Elementor Images is a great solution for WordPress websites whose owners want complete control over the alt text of their images. This powerful plugin adds options to the Elementor Image Widget, allowing you to set alternative text one of three ways: 1 – add custom alt text for the image instance, 2 – use the attachment alt text as set in the media library, or 3 – choose not to add alt text at all. Without this plugin you would need to upload an image into the media library each time you wanted different or custom alternative text for the image, but this plugin allows you to use the same instance of the image repeatedly, with custom alternative text for each instance.

Using this plugin, you can improve the accessibility and SEO of your website’s images by choosing the appropriate text each time you add an image to the page, per guidance from the W3C. The W3C alt text decision tree, created by W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), helps you determine the appropriate alt text for your images based on their context and purpose. By using this decision tree in conjunction with Custom Alt Text for Elementor Images, you can ensure that your images are properly described and accessible to all users, as appropriate.

That’s why we created this plugin. Now you will have full control over the alternative text of your Image widgets.

How to use it

Simply add an Image widget to your post or page using the Elementor Editor and you will find the new settings under the Link field on the Content → Image in the Elementor Panel.

The Alternative Text field is set by default to “Attachment Alt Text”, that means that the image will use the default Attachment alternative text (this is the default behavior of Elementor). But now you can also set it to “None” (if your image is decorative) or “Custom” (in that case, a new field will appear where you can set your custom text).


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