Easy Video Reviews Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Easy Video Reviews Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Easy Video Reviews is the best and easiest video review plugin for WordPress, fully compatible with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins. Your customers can record and send video testimonials right from their browser, and you can manage and showcase anywhere on your WordPress website.

The plugin comes with the easiest Shortcode support that helps you to showcase awesome video testimonials effortlessly with responsive and customizable styles on your website.

Suppose you want to buy a plugin. You’ve shortlisted a few options at 3 different websites. Which one will you choose? One with multiple customer reviews and testimonial videos showing the wonders you can do with the plugin? Or one with a vague ‘great plugin’ comment in the review section?

Most would choose the former, no matter how good the latter plugin might be. The thing is: people need reviews. They need the assurance by someone who has bought that product that it’s a good choice and that it’s worth spending their hard-earned money on.

This is where strong video testimonials come into play!!💪

We all know a written review is easy to whip up. But what really worth and brings money for your business are the video testimonials. And we’ve got numbers to prove it:

💰 Generate 62% more revenue from every customer—not just once, but on every visit.

🎥 When a consumer interacts with your video review, they are 58% more likely to convert.

👩‍💻 Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video.

🧐 Video has a 95% retention rate, while people only remember 12% of textual information.

Websites of all the big platforms such as WooCommerce stores, Shopify stores, or any business that sell products – are built upon trust. No matter how good your product or service actually is, people who have never heard of your company will be initially skeptical until you’ve built some trust with them. You can spend a lot of time perfecting marketing and brand awareness content, but the most effective way these days is word of mouth from your happy customers🤗

Collecting customer reviews for WooCommerce and the Easy to Download platform is very important for your business to grow engagement and sales. Easy Video Reviews make it easy to collect video reviews from anywhere – order checkout, thank you page, and email!

🚀Gain your customer’s trust. Collect strong testimonials. Increase sales. Easy Video Reviews is the easiest solution to collect, manage, and display video reviews on your WordPress website! We have everything you need to collect and share customer feedback.

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Free Features

🎉 Amazing things that you can do with the plugin (absolutely FREE):

  1. Get started quickly:
    Easy Video Reviews has the easiest user interface. Even Xavier can leave a video testimonial! Get started in just 10 seconds without any login required. Your customer can record the video from any device. The easier you make it for your customer, the more you collect testimonials.

  2. Record video from any device:
    No device dependency on Easy Video Reviews. Record on any device such as Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, using any operating system such as Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Options to choose cameras, microphones before recording
    Available to. They can also see a preview of the recorded video before submitting it.

  3. Video preview:
    Customers can see a preview of the recorded video before submitting it. It allows them to check the quality and appeal of the video review. They can also cancel the recording and record a new video too.

  4. Manage everything from one place:
    You will have a dashboard page to manage all your spaces. You can add, update or remove the space as you want. No need to leave your WordPress site.

  5. Embed video with shortcode:
    No code needed. You can embed the video testimonial anywhere on your website using a simple shortcode. Showcase the best customer feedback on the website wherever you want!

  6. Super responsive:
    Easy Video Reviews is responsive on all types of devices. You can use the plugin for collecting video testimonials on your website from any device.

  7. Collect testimonials from anywhere:
    Easy Video Reviews allows you to ask for video reviews from anywhere on the website, even inside pages, posts, or widgets.

  8. Import & Export settings:
    Easy Video Reviews makes it fast and simple for you to export or import anything with a single click. Use the single-click export and import feature for whatever you need. Just a click is enough!

Pro Features

💰 Pro features:

  1. All Free Features

  2. Drag and drop uploader:
    We made video uploading the easiest for your customers! They can upload the recorded video manually or simply drag and drop their files in a specific location to upload their video testimonial.

  3. Custom form builder:
    You can create a data form to collect any type of information from your customers. Collect additional information such as name, address, phone number, etc. Custom-built data forms of Easy Video Reviewss help you do it.

  4. Personalize the video testimonial:
    You can set customized messages for your customers. Set title, header, or footer of the message in the video recording popup. You can also choose the color you want for the popup. Easy Video Reviews is fully customizable and adoptive with any website style.

  5. Embed video anywhere:
    You can embed the collected video testimonial anywhere you want – not only inside the website, outside too. Embed your video reviews using the shortcode, iframe, Elementor widget, and Gutenberg blocks.

  6. Social share:
    You can share the collected video testimonials on all your social media handles, alongside the website. Make your video reviews reach more potential customers.

  7. Dynamic recorder:
    We have a shortcode feature for recording buttons and showcases. You can use your web pages as a recorder using this shortcode very easily.

  8. Collect unlimited video testimonials:
    The more video testimonials you can showcase on your website, the more trust you gain from your audience. Easy Video Reviews allows you to collect as many videos as you want! Even if you need unlimited videos – we don’t mind! You can also download the collected testimonials for any other purpose.

  9. Translate in any language:
    Easily translate to the language you need in Easy Video Reviews. You can translate the language of video popups and custom forms while requesting and collecting videos. Connect with your audience stronger than ever.

  10. WooCommerce integration:
    This easy testimonial plugin allows you to ask for customer review for WooCommerce anywhere. You can ask for video testimonials at the product checkout, thank you page, and even in the emails with Easy Video Reviews.

  11. EDD integration:
    Seamless integration with the EDD plugin lets you ask directly for video testimonials from customers. Collect video reviews anywhere in the Easy Digital Download platform with this WordPress testimonial plugin.

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