Enefti Core: Auctions Addon Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Enefti Core: Auctions Addon Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

With Enefti – Marketplace Core Auctions (Addon), you can easily create and manage NFT-based auctions, unlocking a plethora of unique benefits and opportunities for your users.

Features List:

  • Single NFT: Countdown most wantedlive demo
  • Single NFT: Upcoming auction date info
  • Single NFT: If started, End date info
  • Single NFT: Bidding button and price field
  • Single NFT: Buy Now price and button to purchase the NFT without waiting for the auction to end.
  • NFTs grids: Icon to know what NFT can be auctioned.
  • Reserve price
  • Seamless integration to Enefti Core & MetaMask Authenticator
  • Anti-snipping feature/Auction Bid Buffers (extend auction end time when someone places a bid say 5 minutes before auction end, configurable)
  • Works with MetaMask wallet (by ModelTheme) unique
  • Define start price, price increment, reserve price, buy it now price
  • WPML compatible, POT file available for translations in the plugin’s language folder
  • Single and multi-vendor ready (Multi vendor via Enefti Core) most wanted
  • Option to close the auction via a button (at any given point) unique
  • Well Documented – Online Documentation;
  • Constant Updates: Plugin Changelog;

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Compatible with any theme?
A: Any theme that supports header/footer removal and body color/background change). We do recommend our Meeek theme (the official Bio Links theme);


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