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Extra Checkout Options – Addon For Extra Product Options Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

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Extra Checkout Options requires WooCommerce Extra Product Options 5x to work. It allows you to use the form builder in WooCommerce Extra Product Options to create extra fields on your WooCommerce checkout page which can be free or paid.


Item support includes 5 star support for all of the following:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

Please note that customizing css is not part of the support and it is considered custom work.


03.01.2022 VERSION 2.0.3
Fixed a js error on admin console.

26.12.2022 VERSION 2.0.2
Fixed an issue with the upload element preventing checkout
Added compatibility flag with WooCommerce HPOS

22.09.2022 VERSION 2.0.1
Fixed an issue where the control panel was not being loaded correctly.
Fixed an issue where additional VAT was being charged.

02.04.2022 VERSION 2.0
Fixed an issue where disabled elements prevented next ones from registering values.
Fixed several JS related issues.
Added compatibility with PHP 8x

20.06.2021 VERSION 1.7.6
Fixed several JS issues

19.06.2020 VERSION 1.7.5
Fixed several issue with the upload functionality.
Fixed several issue with the upload in the Order.

01.05.2020 VERSION 1.7.4
Fixed an issue where disabled required elements where causing an error in the checkout process.
Fixed an issue where activating the Reset Checkout Options when altering the cart setting the options were not being saved.

20.04.2020 VERSION 1.7.3
Added setting to reset the option when altering the cart

19.04.2020 VERSION 1.7.2
Fixed an issue where the checkboxes were not being saved in the order

22.02.2020 VERSION 1.7.1
Fixed an issue where the upload wasn’t being saved in the session.
Fixed an issue where the upload delete button was not visible.

16.02.2020 VERSION 1.7
Added compatibility with PHP 7.4x
Added a new price type: percent of the cart total
Fixed an issue where the options were render incorrectly when outside the checkout form.

13.11.2019 VERSION 1.6.3
Added compatibility with Aero: Custom WooCommerce Checkout Pages

19.08.2019 VERSION 1.6.2
Fixed an escaped HTML issue on Order details pages.

16.07.2019 VERSION 1.6.1
Fixed an issue where the builder was not initialized on RTL languages.

23.06.2019 VERSION 1.6
Added compatibility with Extra Product Options 4.9.4.

26.05.2019 VERSION 1.5.1
Fixed an issue where checkboxes not being able to be deselected.

23.04.2019 VERSION 1.5
Refactored the plugin code towards security.

20.04.2019 VERSION 1.4
Refactored the plugin code towards security.

29.03.2019 VERSION 1.3
Compatibility with WooCommerce Extra product Options 4.8
Refactored several of the code
Corrected several display issues

09.05.2018 VERSION 1.2
Fixed the upload element
Corrected several display issues

18.09.2017 VERSION 1.0.1
Added setting to hide the options in the cart.
Corrected a display issue with ajax uploads.
Fixed an issue where required upload files weren’t being validated.

10.08.2017 VERSION 1.0
Initial release

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