FastComments Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

FastComments Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

At a glance, FastComments gives you:

  • Live commenting and moderating.
  • Ad-free experience, no data harvesting.
  • Fight Spam – We use automated spam detection. Also, unverified comments can be configured to be automatically removed.
  • Ability to moderate content, including with multiple moderators.
  • Configurable notifications for you and your users.
  • Ability to import from other providers. Automatic image/avatar migration.
  • A comment UI that fetches comments and renders in milliseconds to prevent disengagement.
  • Very Fast Time-To-Engage: No complex sign up process for your users.
  • Secure Password-less Account Management (email-based login links).
  • Threads & Voting (replies to replies) along with reply notifications for engagement.
  • An unobtrusive UI – no modals or behavior that distracts from your content.
  • Users get notified when someone replies, and you get notified of new comments to moderate. We also aggregate emails, so if you receive a hundred notifications in an hour we’ll just send one summary email.
  • Image support Commenters can attach images to their posts.
  • Localization The client-side widget is fully localized in English, French, and Spanish using browser locale detection.
  • Full-Text Search through all of your comments.
  • SSO Give your users a seamless commenting experience with our secure and easy single-sign-on system.
  • Anonymous commenting (unverified comments auto removed after three days)
  • Ability to export your data at any time.


  1. An example comment thread

    An example comment thread

  2. The admin area

    The admin area

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